I have to tell you, I’ve been SO excited about my September Julep Maven box that I have been tracking it like crazy and I was so annoyed that it came after the Labor Day holiday. I mean, I could have painted my nails ALL WEEKEND LONG. COME ON.

For those of you just joining us, the Julep Maven program allows you to customize a box of 2-3 nail polishes and other beauty products for just $24.99/month. They also allow you to add the appropriately named “Add-On” products to your box for extremely discounted prices. This month, I added 3 Add-Ons to my box which brought the total of my box to right around $35. However, Julep will occasionally reward you for adding 3 Add-Ons to your box and give you another polish. And this month, they gave EVERYONE a free polish, appropriately named Julep. So my $35 went a long way this month!

It’s also important to note that you are also able to easily skip a month if you aren’t a fan of the color scheme without being charged. This is what Jill did this month so you’ll only be seeing my Julep review this month. But don’t worry– I got PLENTY for us to discuss.

Kisses, London

Julep introduced us to the “Kisses, London” collection in September, giving us a wide range of different Fall colors to choose from. (Spoiler alert: I love Fall colors.) 
Let’s see what I chose… 
  This was my whole box of goodies! I got so many things! And everything felt a little purple. But as a TCU Horned Frog and a Ravens fan, this is fine by me.

These are the three items that would have been in my standard $24.99 box. I chose the nail polishes “Aubrey” (rosewood shimmer) and “Rachael”  (graphite shimmer) and their Light on Your Lips lipstick in Lady in Red.

These are the three Add-Ons I chose: “Ellis” nail polish (pink dawn linear liquid holographic), Black Nail Diamonds nail decals and the Light on Your Lips lipstick in Soirée. I am new to the “holo” game but I like them so I will buy almost all of the ones Julep makes. Ellis looks slightly lavender and pretty and I’m excited to try it. I thought the black diamonds would make for some edgy but subtle nail art and I am SO into really dark lipsticks for Autumn and Soirée fits that perfectly.

These were the free polishes I received this month: I received London (Heather blossom crème) for taking the three Add-Ons and I received Julep (Julep signature crème) for free because Julep loves me. Not colors I would normally choose but I will keep them around for now.

Lady in Red, Soirée

I wanted to take a pic of both of the lipsticks on their own because they are so pretty! I feel like it’s finally starting to get cool enough to warrant some pretty dark colors. Soirée looks dark in the tube but goes on fairly light which allows you to build to the color you want.  Lady in Red is a classic blue red that I am excited to wear around the upcoming holidays! And just on a Tuesday because why not.

Ever since I saw Aubrey and the black diamond decals, I KNEW I had to try the combination. I’m not normally such a nail art girl (not because I don’t like it but because I’ve tried with disastrous results) and this seemed like something even I could manage. So I had been envisioning it for awhile and finally was able to try it out and I feel like it turned out pretty well!

Final Grade: A+ 

This month was one of my very favorite Julep Maven boxes to date! I loved the Kisses, London collection so much and had a hard time narrowing down my choices! Which I’m sure is kind of obvious as I ended up with so many products this month! But in my defense, they are awesome. And my nails with the diamonds look super cool.

If you are interested in signing up for Julep’s Maven program (like all the cool Boxy Ladies) click here for my referral link!

Purchased; post contains referral links


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