A couple months ago PRiMO reached out to me for some subscription box help, and it led to one of the most delicious reviews I’ve ever had the privilege of writing (you can read it here).


We kept in touch, and when they released their brand new flavor of preserves, Berry Pasilla, they asked if I’d be interested in trying it. To say I was indeed interested is a hilarious understatement. Their tapenade and preserves left such an impression on me the first time around that I already knew I’d want to buy a case of the new flavor sight unseen.


I am so pleased to tell you that my expectations were high, and yet they were exceeded. I’d never had a pasilla pepper before, but I read that they were dried chilaca peppers and have a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs well with fruit. Brian and I are total chile heads, so we really loved the subtly spicy Raspberry Habanero preserves PRiMO had previously sent me. Berry Pasilla was so intriguing that we wasted no time digging in.


One of the things that really drew me into the PRiMO brand initially was how simple their product is. Fresh ingredients make all the difference, and the colors are just so darn naturally pretty. As soon as I opened the jar I could smell the pepper, then immediately the sweetness of the fruit. The color again was very natural and deep red – exactly what berries should be, not like other commercial jams that rely on food coloring. In fact, you can count the ingredients on one hand.


I’m often disappointed when enticing flavors get lost in whatever it is I’m eating, but the pepper flavor is just as prominent as the berries – not in heat, but actual pepperiness. The rich pepper essence that’s so often playing second fiddle to an overpowering main act was actually forward and present, which is pretty impressive (and delicious!!). The heat is mild, but again noticeable. I can stand a bit more heat, but I’d imagine this is the perfect heat level for the average Joe.


I ate this on crackers, then on a slice of brie, then directly from a spoon (I lack self-control). It goes SO well with cheese that I’m going to stop at a local cheese shop on my way home tonight and get something special to pair with it. I have a feeling this jar will last about as long as the last one – which is to say, not long.

Final Rating: A+

Once again, I am in love with PRiMO’s freshness, flavor, and quality. You can tell a lot of love goes into their products – from their small batches made with local ingredients to their creative, unique flavor combinations, you can tell a lot of heart goes into everything they make.

Bon appetit!


PS Check out PRiMO’s products and story at yayprimo.com!

Received product for free in exchange for honest review



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