Love With Food, I love you so. This is a box that not only continues to send great stuff, but also does good things for the world. On top of recently lowering their prices, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child for each box they sell. This month was extra special – they organized a huge clothing drive to benefit Schoola, a nonprofit that raises money for schools. Each box contained a giant pre-paid bag for people to send in their gently used clothing to help raise money for a school (your choice) and also to provide back-to-school clothes for kids! If that doesn’t warm your heart you’ve got issues. I’ve definitely got enough items to stuff the bag with and I’m thrilled I can help out.


Now that your heart is bursting, here’s how LWF works. There are 3 different subscription options to choose from: the regular tasting box ($7.99-9.99/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples ($16.50-$19.99), and a gluten-free option ($19.99-$24.99). PLUS if you use my referral link (by clicking here), you’ll receive 40% off your first box!

Alright already, let’s get into this month’s box:


Cookie Thins by Mrs. Thinster’s – I don’t care how thin a cookie is, a chocolate chip cookie is something I will always, ALWAYS be happy with. Despite being low in calories and cracker-thin, these are delicious. Plus you can eat twice as many because they’re super thin! That’s how it works, right?

Snapea Crisps by Harvest Snaps – Brian and I are obsessed with Snapea Crisps. We have gorged on them for years. They’re poofy, crispy little snap peas that are super filling and extremely satisfying. They come in flavors, but lightly salted is my fav.


Fruit Snacks by Yumearth Organics – The first thing Brian does when we get a new LWF box is he digs through it in search of chocolate and gummies. He needs to take inventory of all the chocolate so he knows if I’m holding out on him by eating it secretly (it happens, I don’t like to share), but he seeks out the gummies because he knows they’re all his. My husband loves gummies with the intensity of a dog getting a new bone, so I graciously give them all to him. You’re welcome, Brian.

Sea Salt Caramel Apple Granola by Bear Naked – Brian may get all the gummies, but I get all the granola. It’s the perfect snack to munch on before or after a workout, and I love when LWF sends sample bags because it’s perfectly portioned.

Mini Peanut Butter Clutter by Jimmybar! – I don’t know why this is a “clutter” and not a “cluster”, but I kind of like it. This was actually more of a fruit bar than what I was expecting – it’s primarily dates with some peanuts and a dab of peanut butter mixed in. It was pretty good, again great gym fuel, but it tasted nothing like peanut butter.


Gluten Free Original Mini Pretzel Crisps by Snack Factory – I’ll be totally honest, I thought these were going to suck. Gluten-free bread products always end up being so weird. These actually tasted like pretzels! I consider that a feat of science. And also bravery, since I ate them.

Cheddar N’ Stuff Super Crackers by Funley’s Delicious – I thought these were going to taste like healthy Cheese Nips because they are “packed with vitamin D and calcium,” but it turns out they actually taste like BETTER Cheese Nips! They are buttery and flaky and super flavorful. Not at all what I expected.

Adult Complete Vitamin Pack by Smartypants – Brian first found this pack on his Quest for Gummies and was distraught that there were “ONLY TWO GUMMIES IN THE ENTIRE PACK!!!!!” I pointed out that these were vitamins, not gummies, and that they had so much fiber in them he should be glad they cut him off after only two.

Final Rating: A+

I absolutely love this box. It comes jam-packed with snacks each month, and the boxes always range in their contents. They are super affordable (you can even get a coupon code for full year subscriptions that bring the price down even lower), and so worth the few bucks a month. The fact that they are constantly giving back to children makes me appreciate them so much as a company, and I’m glad they do what they do.

If you’re interested in checking out Love With Food, use this referral link and get 40% off your first box!


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