This is my second month receiving Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess and I am still just as smitten as I was last month! I love snail mail and basically all paper products so this is a perfect box for me!

Something I left out of last month’s blog was a note about their pricing. I pay $15/month because I signed up for a 12 month commitment. However, if you have cold feet, you can sign up for a 6 month commitment for $18/month or just pay month-to-month for $20/month.
Let’s explore everything I got this month! And it’s a LOT.

  Coffee Sleeves: this was the physically biggest item this month and I’m very unclear about it. Like, I understand that I suppose you cut it out and use it for a coffee sleeve… But it’s not thick so I’m not sure it would do the job of a coffee sleeve. I’m wondering if this is for scrapbooking or something? I don’t get it. Does anyone else get this? Help.

Latte Card: inside the card says “You’re the Pumpkin Spice to my Latte.” This is perfect for the most basic girl in your life. (I am the most basic girl in my own life, for the record, though strangely, I do not really care about Pumpkin Spice things.)

Falling For You Card: this is just a one-sheet card and the back is blank. This is seasonal and cute.
Emoji Card: this is a fun little card that is perfect to give to your best texting friend. Emojis are the best, seriously. What did we do before?!

You Are A Great Friend Card: this is a great little card for dropping in the mail to say hi to your best gal. Last month, so many of the cards seemed romantic so I’m glad they are sending more “platonic” type cards. There are only so many cards Matt needs. Or wants.
Venti Card: The inside of this card says “Wishing you a Venti sized birthday.” This is an actual folding card so this would be great for the Starbucks lover in your life to include a little gift card! Love this. Congrats Card: The inside of this card is blank but the front says it all, don’t you think? It’s good to have congratulatory cards around for those exciting life moments!
You’re the Best Card: inside says “and you can quote me on that.” I would give this to Matt but I want to mail it so badly braise the envelope is so cute!!! Thank you Card: you can never have enough Thank You cards. Period.
Typewriter Postcard: I LOVE typewriters. I have 3 giant vintage typewriters in my office but none as cute as the ones on this card. I’m going to hang this in my cube at work because it’s so fun. Long Stickers: I have a feeling these are sized to decorate planners? Maybe? Or maybe to decorate envelopes? Either way, they are cute but not a typical sticker size.
 Emoji Post-its: I know these aren’t Post-It branded but I didn’t know how else to describe them. They are tiny– like the size of stickers that show you where to sign on documents. But totally cute. I will use these. Somehow.


Final Grade: A

It’s like they heard me last month when I asked for fewer romantic cards. It’s so much easier to send a card to a faraway friend than it is to give a bewildered husband cards every day he doesn’t know what to do with. I liked that this month focused on Fall but also included practical cards that could work at any time.

If you are interested in signing up for Happy Mail for yourself, click here! They don’t have referral links or anything, I just think everyone should get it. It’s so fun.

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  1. Brittney
    October 2, 2015 at 10:02 am (2 years ago)

    This one is so cool!