It’s our favorite time of the month! POPSUGAR Must Have time! Woooo!  The curators of the monthly POPSUGAR Must Have box are basically those thoughtful friends that give you presents you didn’t know you needed until you got them.

For $39.95, POPSUGAR Must Have sends a box of over $100 worth of beauty, home, and lifestyle products. Jill and I both receive this box so we will review this one together. It’s always so fun seeing what we both think of the different items. I love hearing her perspectives. (Which is essentially how this blog got started!)


Here are the products they sent this month! Though I forgot to photograph the Nourish Snacks Almond to Cherries in this picture, I took an individual picture of them down below. Onto the reviews!

Too Faced Cosmetics Brow Envy Brow Shaping & Defining Kit ($39)

Lauren: I have heard good things about Too Faced Cosmetics but I have yet to try a palette or kit for myself so I was very exited to see this spoiler! I love a strong brow and though I have a few products I adore (like this one from Tarte or this pencil from Anastasia) I have experimented with this kit a bit and I like that there are a few different colors to choose from, plus a setting wax and a highlighter. They also include tweezers and detailed instructions and stencils to get your best brow. This is a pretty comprehensive kit.
Jill: Ever since Lauren pointed out one day that I should probably start filling in my brows (isn’t it great to have friends who can totally do that?), I have been unable to leave the house without my brows looking perfect. I currently adore Julep’s Don’t Leave Your Brows at Home (Cool Brown is the perfect color for me), but I’m open to other options as well. Sometimes mousse can be a bit much, so I’ve been wondering what powder brow filler is like. I’ve heard so many great things about this product, plus it’s always good to have a backup.

Hudson+Bleecker Labyrinth Onyx Travel Trio ($42)

Lauren: I wasn’t thrilled when I saw this spoiler but this travel bag set from Hudson+Bleecker is definitely practical, if not super exciting. I couldn’t find this exact set online anywhere but it includes a clear cosmetics bag, which is handy for finding things when you are traveling, plus a few fabric bags to separate your shoes/dirty laundry. I don’t have any excursions planned at this point but I hope to visit my parents in the next few weeks so I will pack these then.
Jill: I love this so much. I am big into using bags when travel for various things, so having nice, re-usable ones is such a treat. These are a great size, perfect for shoes, jewelry, etc. I’m heading overseas in a couple of months for a family vacation, so this will definitely come in handy.

Kris Nations “XO” Stud Earrings ($35)

Lauren: I have been loving delicate gold jewelry lately so these earrings are perfect for that. They are very tiny but I like that. I also really love the presentation in the tiny jar. I was looking around at Kris Nation’s other jewelry and they have these cute gold Texas studs. Intrigue.
Jill: These studs are hilariously tiny, but they are still super cute. I like the asymmetrical look to these and they seem like they’re a high enough quality to last for a while.

NCLA So Rich Vitamin-E Enriched Cuticle Oil ($18)

Lauren: I really like having cuticle oil around because mine get so dry, especially during the winter. I plan on keeping these on my desk at work so I can keep them moisturized during the day. This is my first experience with this brand since I’m pretty fiercely brand loyal to Julep but I’ve seen some interesting polishes from them so I am glad to try this product. It also smells FANTASTIC so it’s like a nice treat to use this during the day.
Jill: My cuticles look rough. I always forget that cuticles are a thing, despite painting my nails frequently. Or maybe it’s because I do that so frequently. Who knows. Either way, it’s great to have a good cuticle oil around, maybe I’ll actually use it.

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray ($20)

Lauren: I’m getting a LITTLE tired of all the conditioning sprays/creams/oils I’ve been getting in boxes lately. My hair does not need this kind of product on a regular basis. Conditioning sprays like this tend to weigh my hair down or make it too flat/slick when all I want in life is MORE VOLUME. So I will occasionally use these kinds of products on the weekends when I’m not heat styling to give my hair a break but they aren’t what I reach for. Send me some mousse! Some more dry shampoo! Volumizing powder! Yeeeah! That’s what I need. Conditioning sprays? Yeah, not so much.
Jill: Like Lauren, I am on an eternal quest for Big Hair. Unlike Lauren, my way of getting it is through making sure my hair is super moisturized at all times. My hair isn’t as fine as hers, so conditioners are something I welcome. This spray is actually a great replacement for detangler or giving your locks a little extra smoothness after a shower.

Nourish Snacks Almond to Cherries ($2)

Lauren: I don’t always love the food products that I receive in boxes but I do love almonds so I was excited to get this. Not sure how I will feel about the cherries but I can at least pick around them and eat the almonds which I can live with.
Jill: Meeeeeehhhhhhh.

Lauren’s Grade: C
Jill’s Grade: B+

This POPSUGAR Must Have box wasn’t the worst I’ve ever received but also wasn’t the most thrilling. I thought the Too Faced Cosmetics brow kit was a great addition. I also loved the earrings and the cuticle oil. I was very meh about the travel bag and the leave-in conditioner. I was expecting more from the September box. Maybe the October box will be better!

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Lauren & Jill

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