This month’s Glossybox is by far my favorite. I’ve been trying Glossybox for the past few months and I had yet to be sweepingly impressed – until now.


Glossybox is $21/month for a month-to-month subscription, or a little less if you subscribe for multiple months at a time. I did the 6-month subscription with a discount code and it ended up being around $17/box. Not too bad for 5 luxury beauty products a month. Let’s see what came this month:


The Revitalizer by Biossance – $58.00: This product was 100% new to me. I had never heard of the brand, let alone the main ingredient, squalane. Evidently this “ultra fine oil” is a natural skin firmer, revitalizing a dull complexion. It’s meant to be extremely moisturizing, lending itself to natural hydration for supple skin. In my research I found that similar products go for less than $20, so I’m curious to see how this boutique product fares. Side note, it seems that this oil is fairly versatile (a la argan oil) because it can be used from head to toe, not just on your face. Interesting.


Artist Colour Powder Blush by Emite Make Up – $22.00: I am so happy this was in my box. Julep released a few new shades of blush and because I am a Master of Self-Control, I limited myself to one color. It was obviously a very important decision that required many sleepless nights and a tireless montage of changing my mind. As it turns out, this is almost exactly the shade I decided to not get. YESSSSSSSSSS. Major crisis averted.


Love at First Lather Foaming Hair Shampoo by 12 Benefits – $9.00: This shampoo is liquid in the bottle but gets aerated and becomes foam once pumped (we’re all familiar with this, as it has existed in hand soap form for many moons). It’s chemical-free and loaded with sunflower extract and coconut oil, which is a great hair protectant and nourisher. Sadly most of the bottle spilled during shipping, but I’m going to reach out and test Glossybox’s famous customer service – perhaps they’ll send me a new bottle so I can actually try it.


Lipstik by Stiks Cosmetiks – $15.00: This lipstick is hard. You’re supposed flip the plastic lid up, then twist it to raise the product ever so slightly. If you do it wrong, it’s bye-bye lipstick. This picture is the last time this lipstick was seen intact. I totally smooshed it into the cap because I was curious what the twisting mechanism did. Hindsight being what it is, I should have left the cap open before trying to figure it all out.


Uptown Nail Polish by Nails Inc. – $14.00: This was the only product I wasn’t thrilled about this month. The formula sounds great – smoothing, highly pigmented, long-lasting, high gloss finish. Unfortunately it’s in the ugliest color imaginable, which is a slightly mauve-ier version of Silly Putty. I will never wear this.

Final Rating: A

The retail value of this box is $118.00 – not bad for a $21.00 cost. I’m really impressed with the high value of items, plus it’s all stuff I really want to use (puke-pink polish notwithstanding, it still appears to be high quality polish). 

If you want to check out Glossybox, use my referral link here!



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