I occasionally forget when it’s e.l.f Beauty Bundle time because it comes every two months but then I am pleasantly surprised by the big box at my doorstep. For  just $19.99 (+S&H) every two months, e.l.f. basically sends you a huge box of makeup/skincare/tools. It’s actually a little overwhelming sometimes, which is why I am glad this is not a monthly box.

E.l.f. products are really interesting because each one retails for only a few dollars but they tend to rival or duplicate many higher end brands. I feel like I am keeping this subscription around because I’m determined to find an amazing holy grail product that is like, $2. I’ve found some neat products but no Holy Grail product yet.

Let’s see what we got this month… For starters, I noticed that the box was actually smaller this time around. Normally the box doesn’t even fit into my little photo studio setup but the smaller box did. The box still wasn’t small. I’m just noting this, for journalistic purposes.

Here are the products I received this month! For some reason, it feels like I received fewer products than I normally do. And normally, there is a “bigger” item: in the past I’ve received larger makeup palettes and a makeup artist’s “tool belt.” This time, the biggest item was a blush palette which just didn’t seem as exciting. 

Makeup Remover Pen ($3): I received this in my last box and it’s one of my favorite discoveries. How much do you hate it when you get mascara on your lid or when you sneeze after you put on mascara? (Is that just me?) This pen makes those clean-ups super easy. You could always get a q-tip and dip it in makeup remover but this is an all-in-one solution! And you can’t beat that price.

Mascara Primer ($3) & Mineral Infused Mascara ($3): These are two products I’m not going to open and test because I would like to be able to donate them. I just love my Benefit Roller Lash mascara so much and I just don’t believe drug store versions can compare at this point! I’d like to donate some products to a women’s shelter because I get so many so these products are going into that pile!
Makeup Mist & Set ($3): I have tried a few times but I just can’t get into setting sprays. Do you think they work? I really can’t tell. I’ve tried one from Urban Decay and one from L’Oreal and I truly can’t tell if they do anything! Please tell me in the comments if I am missing something. Help! (Because setting sprays clearly aren’t for me at this point, I am putting this in my Donation pile!)

Lip Exfoliator ($3) You know what is not going in the Donation pile? This lip exfoliator. I used to have one and I can’t find it anywhere. A lip exfoliator is a MUST HAVE if you are going to wear dark lipsticks. You can’t have your lips being flaky when you are trying to pull off lipstick. It will be so distracting and look terrible.

Lip Definer & Shaper ($3) I’m pretty meh about this product as I have discovered clear lip liners. Clear lip liners (like this one from Urban Decay) are the best because they match everything! They are clear! Even though it seems like a neutral color, I would much rather get a clear one. And e.l.f. does make one, I’ve received it in another box.

EX-tra Lip Gloss ($2)
Blush Palette in Light ($6): This is my second favorite item in the box! I’m not married to any blush brand/color right now so I’m glad this gives me some options plus a bronzer.

Studio Pressed Mineral Bronzer ($5): This is a strange bronzer because it is basically the color of my skin. (Spoiler alert: I am not a bronze person.) But I’m unclear how I feel about this- will this make me look very NATURALLY tan? Or will it not show up at all?

Contouring Brush ($6): Welcome to my very favorite item in the box. I have been contemplating trying to do some light contouring on my face but very hesitant to buy the right tools/products. I bought this kit from Sephora because it seems pretty fool-proof and most importantly a cream. (I’ve tried powder contouring in the past and it didn’t go really well.) Long story short: I hope this brush will help me on my road to beautifully sculpted cheekbones and jawline. (LOL)

Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum ($3): I’m going to be honest with you– I LOVE this color. This burnt plum color is perfect for my green eyes. The problem? I am addicted to Colourpop eyeshadows so I know that I will very rarely use this. I am going to gift this to a new home.

Final Grade: C

Something about this month’s e.l.f. Beauty Bundle just seemed a little “off.” I feel like I had previously gotten more bang for my buck. The box itself is literally smaller. I don’t know if this is a one-off situation or if this is going to be the new standard. I’ll keep the box one more month just to see. However, I’m excited about a few of the products I got like the contour brush and the blush palette!

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