It’s my favorite time of the month because my favorite box is here! That’s right, it’s the Allure Beauty Box! This has always been my favorite beauty box but now I fear it might have some stiff competition with Play! by Sephora! I might look at both October boxes in a head-to-head match up to see which one is better!
I have always loved the Allure Mini-Mag that’s included that describes all the products and how to use them. This is way better than a single-sheet card. And Allure is my favorite magazine so I feel like I get a bonus magazine every month.

Let’s see what I got this month:

Just at first glance, you can see a ton of high-end brands! I’m really excited that I’ve been getting a lot of Bumble & Bumble products in boxes recently. And right off the bat, I recognized Cargo, Jouer and Rituals.

Rituals Ginkgo’s Secret Ginseng & Ginkgo Bilboa Hand Balm ($17/full-size)

I have been secretly hoping a box would send me a new hand lotion because while the last one I received was a nice brand (Crabtree & Evelyn, which I normally really love) the cream actually smells kind of awful. Luckily this one from Rituals does not smell awful. And it’s actually pretty thick which is great for the winter weather but not so thick that it’s greasy. I like to be able to put on lotion and then look at my phone. If you hands are greasy, you can’t do that. Or at least, I recommend that you don’t. This is a great lotion in my book. And this is a great size!

 Kryolan Lipstick Matt in Aurora, Eos, and Nike ($19.50 each full-size)

I decided to look up this brand because I had never heard of it before and was pleasantly amused by its description of this lipstick. “Lipstick Matt has a natural shine in the packaging, however, once applied it convinces with its extreme matt but velvety appearance and comfort to wear. The smear-proof lipstick with its high pigmentation will last long. Vitamin E additionally stimulates the skin’s repair mechanism.” Hey Kryolan– if you want me to do some freelance copyediting for you, I’m your girl. I haven’t had the chance to try these yet but I am not sure the bright pink or orange will be good for me but I may try the cranberry red shade Aurora. This looks like a nice shade for Fall and Winter!

Bumble and Bumble All-Style Blow Dry Cream ($30/full-size)

I am excited when I receive Bumble & Bumble products in boxes. Jill has been trying to convert me to be a full B&B convert for awhile and I am getting there. I haven’t had the chance to try this product yet but it looks really promising! This All-Style Blow Dry cream is supposed to fight frizz, protect against heat damage, and extend the life of a blowout. But this is supposed to be different than a regular heat protectant and frizz fighter because this one also works like a dry shampoo, providing volume. Allure’s tester with fine hair tried it on the ends only, as a volumizer at the roots and from roots to ends and all three gave her full blowouts. I’m intrigued! As someone who ALWAYS WANTS VOLUME, I am going to try the heck out of this.
Jouer Daily Clarifying Treatment Oil ($48/full-size)

I am really excited about this product! This oil is supposed to help prevent and treat acne! I might start applying this on my chin as a preventative measure because I don’t currently have any giant pimples to test this on. I like the idea of this because typical acne creams dry out the whole area around the pimple including the pimple which leads to a scaly mess which is close to impossible to cover with makeup. Because of this problem, I had started treating my zits with Argan oil over the past few years and this has really helped with keeping my skin from getting all flaky and gross. So this product looks like the best of both worlds.

Cargo Cosmetics Eye Shadow ($16)

I feel like Cargo used to be a much bigger brand than it is now. When I was in high school and college, I felt like it was super prestigious and now I feel like they make nice products but they aren’t really around that much. Like, I forget that this brand exists now most of the time. Beauty Box subscribers received 1 of 4 colors and I only liked 1 of the 4 colors and I did not receive it. Pink eye shadow can just be kind of hard to wear and as you know, I am a little too obsessed with Colourpop anyway.
 Red Flower Lymphatic Phytopower Sea Cleanser and Masque ($42/full-size)

This is a cream cleanser that you can also use as a mask. But it’s not one of those clay type masks, this one has the consistency of a conditioner. So you can put it on before your shower and shower as usual and rinse off the mask as a last step for glowing, soft skin. Ummmm, that sounds easy enough. I’m in.

Final Grade: A

This was yet another great Allure Beauty Box! There were a lot of products from high end brands that I am looking forward to trying, especially that Bumble & Bumble All-Style Blow Dry cream. Can it keep its promises? I am going to find out tomorrow.

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