Lauren and I have mentioned roughly 100+ times that we are jointly on an eternal quest for Big Hair. I recently settled into a new hair routine after becoming more familiar with Bumble & Bumble’s products from getting hair trials and playing around with them before my wedding earlier this year, and I’ve been absolutely loving the results. As a stylist explained to me, their products are meant to be combined and layered – individually they’re alright, but together they are magical.

One of the things I love about B&B is that you need so little of their products to make a big impact. I had gotten used to loading up my hair with product to solve individual problems (mousse for volume, hair spray for staying power, etc.) and as a result my hair was constantly being weighed down. I find B&B’s synergistic approach to just creating perfectly styled hair really simple and refreshing, as well as gentle on my locks. My routine may not work for everyone, but it has really transformed my approach to styling my hair and I’m loving the products I’ve discovered.

Here’s my process and why I love each product. I don’t use each of these every day, mainly due to the price tag, but whenever I curl my hair or want it to look perfect and styled, this is my go-to:


Bb Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner – $25 (Shampoo) & $27 (Conditioner): Ok look. I’m not at all suggesting you run out and buy this pair because frankly I think this is way too much to spend on shampoo and conditioner. I’ve happened upon samples in the past and I really like it, so I figured I’d at least mention this as part of the routine because if I could afford to spend $52 on shampoo/conditioner every month I totally would get these. However, if you’re like me and you can get samples of them from time to time, just save them up to use in conjunction with other B&B products. It’s worth it.


Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer – $9-$27: This is another item that if you subscribe to even one beauty box, you’ll likely get a sample of it. I’ve managed to accumulate enough samples to last me a lifetime because you only need a couple sprays to do the trick. I’ve found that this spray is a good dual-purpose product; it’s a light oil so it’s going to detangle your hair. I’ve found that if I put too much on or if I pair it with non-B&B products, it can be a little slick, which leads me to its second purpose – it acts as a base for other B&B products. It allows you to build up and layer other B&B products more effectively, and for that I love it. I spritz this on while my hair is wet and it provides a great base for everything to follow.


Bb All-Style Blow Dry Creme – $14-$30: When my hairdresser told me to throw my mousse out and use this, I quietly rolled my eyes because there was NO WAY a quarter-sized dab of styling cream was going to replace my beloved handful of mousse. This may shock you, but I was incorrect. I run a small amount of this through my wet hair and BOOM. You can even FEEL it coating your strands. This styling cream doesn’t just give you volume, it also smoothes, softens, and has a magical property that helps oily hair. I really, really love this product, especially when paired with…


Bb Thickening Hairspray – $9-$29: This is not the kind of hairspray you’re thinking of. It’s meant to be spritzed on wet hair, not dry hair. It’s essentially a thickening spray that also acts like a traditional hairspray, so applying it to your wet hair before you dry and curl/straighten it helps to extend your style. While I’m on the subject, I REALLY like how B&B products are meant to hold your style BEFORE you style it. This means you’re not relying on hairsprays hardening or drooping your curls. It’s genius.


Bb Pret-a-Powder – $12-$27: Guys, this is the one. This is the holy grail. This right here. You need this in your styling routine. I promise, it will change things; it will make your hair bigger, it will make your hair less oily, it will even make your hair stay put for longer. I use this powder every single day. To that end, I have gone through roughly half of it in 6 months, so it will last a long time too. Here’s what you do: squirt a dime-sized amount into your hand and rub your hands together. Run your hands through your hair. I happen to have a lot of hair, so I do this 2-3 times to cover my whole scalp. Flip your hair back, lightly brush it, and marvel at your newfound volume. If you’re going to curl your hair, do that after. This powder acts as a style extender, and man does it help. My hair cannot hold a curl, but with this I have great curls all day.


Bb CitySwept Finish Spray – $30: I’m only mentioning this spray because it’s a unique product that I have really grown to love, but it is in no way part of my regular routine. I’ve found it excels in 2 different ways:

  1. On the rare occasion that I really want to take the beach waves thing to a whole new level, I turn to this spray. This spray is definitely a special occasion deal, mostly because it produces a very specific outcome. It’s not a traditional hairspray where it will lightly hold your curls, it’s more of a finishing styling spray. It takes VERY little, and too much can look awful (just being honest). It’s got kind of a waxy finish and gives you that ocean-sprayed feel without coming close to a body of water. It’s great for putting the finishing touch on bed head-like styles.
  2. If you don’t want to create a messy look, this is also a really effective volumizing style extender. Spray, brush, style. The waxiness fades as it dries, so it becomes a dry coat on your hair that acts like a holding spray. As I mentioned earlier, I love applying a style extender BEFORE curling because it looks way more natural.

I’ve tried a large range of sprays on the market, and this one is very different than any I’ve used before mostly because it can be used so differently just by brushing it out.

Hopefully this has been interesting, if not helpful. I really appreciate how these products work in tandem and create such voluminous, perfectly-styled looks. It’s like giving yourself the perfect blow-out at home with pretty minimal effort.



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