Earlier this month, I was posting about the blog in a local Fort Worth Facebook Group, Tanglewood Moms. (I realize I’m not a mom, but this group of women has a lot of great information about basically everything in town. It’s a savvy group to be a part of!) A gal named Jacky Arrow reached out to me and asked if I have had the opportunity to try Jamberry’s StyleBox. While I have seen Jamberry around for awhile now, I hadn’t tried it for myself, so I was excited for the opportunity.

For those of you not in the know about “jams,” they are nontoxic nail wraps that use a heat activated adhesive to adhere to your nail bed. For most of us, the heat source is a hair dryer! Easy peasy! But you can also buy a special mini heater from Jamberry that makes the process a little easier.

The Jamberry StyleBox works a little like the Julep Maven program used to work. First, you take a quiz (click here for the quiz!) to determine if you are Classic, Trendy, or Feminine. Once your style is determined, this will be the default style of jams that are sent to you on a monthly basis. You can also few the different styles ahead of time and choose a different style for the month if you would like.

The Jamberry StyleBox is $25/month with free shipping with a 3-month subscription billed up front. Like other subscriptions, the price goes down if you buy a longer subscription up front. The box will always include $30 worth of exclusive products and a fresh nail file and orange stick to help with your application.


I chose the Trendy StyleBox for October which included these beautiful emerald nail wraps!!!

It took me no time at all to rip into these and apply the green jams that had the gold and silver lines on them. I mean, they are seriously beautiful.

But before I applied them, I decided to hold my horses and watch a YouTube video to help me with my application. I watched this one. What I liked about this video is that it definitely wasn’t professionally created. No fancy lighting. Her kid is sitting there in the back and her dogs are around. Basically it proves that you have time to apply Jamberry even if you have little kiddos around. I won’t go through the whole application process because you could watch the video if you wanted to, but a few things I noticed is that it seems like each page of jams is enough for 2+ manicures. I say “2+” because they include various sizes to make sure each nail has the right fit so there are more than just 10. Then you could always use any extras for an accent nail!

I left the jams on for just under a week but I could have gotten another half week or even another full week of wear from them. I was even getting compliments on them today! There is mild wear at the tips but I was impressed with the application, especially since it was my first time. However, I wanted to be able to blog about the removal process AND I just got a crapload of Julep polishes I need to wear at some point, so I decided to take my jams off a bit early.

Seriously, can we just marvel as to how beautiful these are??? I would never, ever, ever be able to do nail art like this in a billion years. They definitely look like you spent hours on your nails when it actually only took about the length of a Grey’s Anatomy episode. It might even have taken me a little longer because it was my first time so I think with practice you could definitely speed it up.

Jamberry removal was really easy also! I watched this video before I tried and I learned a trick was to use a toothpick like this! And weirdly enough, I just bought some of them last week. You also need nail polish remover, but the whole process doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. Easy!

I decided to browse Jacky’s Jamberry site to see what other designs are out there and holy crap, there are so many great ones! Like these that look like Christmas Sweaters! Or these white and gold beauties! I also love this gold chevron design. Swoon! I could also see myself with this white/black plaid! I also love this graphic navy and white design. There are so many! Seriously, I think you should browse Jacky’s site to see all of the options available. I’m sure you will find something you love!


Final Grade: A

Final thoughts? I was pleasantly surprised! Application and removal were both easier than I thought they would be and the designs I got were awesome! However, I do really love painting my nails so I don’t think a subscription is the right option for me. But the designs are so cool and are perfect for special occasions. I know I will be reaching out to Jacky about buying some of the designs I mentioned above!

If you are interested in buying some Jamberry of your own, check out Jacky’s website, here. You could also reach out to her via email at jackysjams@gmail.com.

Do you wear Jamberry? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts! Let me know what you think!


Complimentary product sample received in exchange for honest review

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  1. Hellooooo! Miss you lady! I was invited to a Jamberry party once and tried it out on 1-2 nails. The application was great and the designs are super cute and super cool. However, after a day or 2, I noticed my Jamberry nails started to “catch” on things and then started to peel off. I really wanted this to work because it’s so easy! Did you experience this or did I do it wrong? Take care and let’s get together soon! xo,Q

  2. Hey girl hey! I noticed that a little bit too but whenever that happened, I would just file it down a little bit and then it was fine. I keep a nail file on me at all times, so this is an easy solution for me! However, I’m still not an expert. I’ll see if Jacky can help!

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