It’s our favorite time of the month, POPSUGAR Must Have box time! Jill and I love this box and normally we like to review our boxes together but Jill’s hand is still barely holding on (slight exaggeration, she is getting better every day) but I will have to keep on truckin on my own! If you are just tuning in, for $39.95, POPSUGAR Must Have sends a box of over $100 worth of beauty, home, and lifestyle products. It’s like having a fun, thoughtful friend send you neat presents every month. (And sometimes a weird food item that they probably could have kept for themselves.)
This month’s theme was all about Autumn, Restful Nights, Cozy, Irresistible and Breast Cancer Awareness. Did they do a good job keeping with their theme? Unclear. Check out what we got this month!

  They sent so many large items this month, they would not fit in my little light box setup.
Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling ($25)

So POPSUGAR just sent me my current favorite book. I finished it a few weeks ago because I obviously pre-ordered this on Kindle but I was hoping that I would receive one of the special autographed books by Mindy but alas, no such luck. But I don’t care because this is one of my very favorite books, so I am glad to own the hardcover version. I like to read in the cafe to get away from work for a bit and this book was making me laugh out loud by myself in the corner. Highly recommend.

Savvy Sleepers Luxury Satin Pillowcase ($36)

OMG. I have always, always, always wanted a satin pillowcase. They are supposed to be great for both your skin and your hair. This pillowcase says it prevents sleep wrinkles, reduces hair breakage, and protects salon blowouts. (You know, all the salon blowouts I get. ;)) But seriously, beauty magazines have told me I needed a satin pillowcase for years and now I have one.

Easy, Tiger Brown Paper Liquor Bag Set ($8)

OK, I know these are just paper bags. But they are TOTALLY CUTE paper bags. And I can’t wait to use them for gifting this holiday season! I think all of my friends would appreciate how cute they are. Are these bags I would buy on my own? Not sure. But they sure are cute to have on-hand for a fun situation.

  Richer Poorer Hope Slipper Socks ($15)

This is an embarrassing admission but I went through a period of several years where I sort of forgot socks existed. Luckily, my feet are warm now because socks are awesome. In fact, I told Matt to buy me some knee socks when he went to Target the other day. (He did really good and picked out some awesome ones.) But I will always accept another pair of super soft and fuzzy socks! I couldn’t find these exact socks anywhere so I think they must be made for POPSUGAR (since they are POPSUGAR pink!) so I linked to some other cute socks by Richer Poorer. Sometimes, socks represent such a boring present, but they totally represent cozy Fall weather to me!

 The Honest Company Sea Salt + Sugar Body Scrub ($17)

Last year I tried a sea salt scrub for the first time which let me know I needed more Sea Salt scrubs in my life. I am really excited about this one in the lavender vanilla scent. It smells so good and I like Honest products because I feel like I’m not putting weird chemicals on my body.  It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product ($11.96)

I was really excited to see It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product in this box because I have always wanted to try it but it has eluded me in different boxes. I will report back if I like it!

Belgian Boys De Stroopwafel ($1.59)

I am always 100% ho-hum about the food that POPSUGAR includes in their boxes. I could seriously do without it. Give me more things! Less food!


Final Grade: A

I mean, I have to give it to POPSUGAR for sending me one of my favorite books. I’m even psyched about the fuzzy socks and the sea salt + sugar scrub and I am excited to try It’s a 10. (I hope it doesn’t disappoint me with all of this anticipation!)

I was thrilled with my box this month. You should get your own POPSUGAR Must Have subscription by clicking here for my referral link!


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