I am very excited about my November Golden Tote! While it’s only my second tote, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions!

If you are relatively new to Golden Tote like me, here’s the deal: Golden Tote is a new type of clothing styling service. New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. The $49 Tote is a small tote filled with 2-3 pieces of clothing. The $149 Tote is a large tote filled with 5-6 pieces of clothing. Depending on which tote you choose, you get to pick 1 or more pieces for your tote, then a stylist will surprise you with the rest! And it’s not just a random surprise piece of clothing. You take a very detailed style quiz with your likes/dislikes and you get a personally styled tote!

Since we are close to the holidays, I am going to stick with the small totes for a bit so I can afford to buy everyone else presents! 

I really do love that you get an actual tote bag with your order. And I like the fall theme from this month! Look at the squirrel! The deer! The hedgehog! The bunny! I digress. Let’s see what I got!

Each month, you are styled by someone at Golden Tote, and they let you know who styled you by their initials on a sticker in your box. In the Golden Tote Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page, everyone talks about the different stylists. I am still not familiar with all of them, but all I know this month is that AR styled me and she did a great job!

Here was my package in the tote so you can see how the clothes come. They come individually wrapped with a few cards about how to care for the clothes. AKA how to wash them.   This Olive Soft Suede Tee was my pick this month. I thought this color was so perfect for Fall and would look great with gold jewelry. I’ve also been really into olive eyeshadow and nail polishes. I also love the soft suede! This was an instant win for me!

This Plum Puella Cardigan was my surprise item! It’s hard to tell in the picture above but it really is more of a plum/berry. The lighting made it look slightly red. This was JUST the thing I was looking for! I’ve been looking for cardigans and outfits that I can wear with leggings/skinny jeans and riding boots and this was great. Apparently, on the GT Facebook page, Puella is one of the brands that everyone talks about. I’m still new to Golden Tote and the Facebook group so I am taking it all in!



And here is everything together! I realize this is a terrible bathroom picture but my photographer (aka my husband) did not feel like taking pictures of me this week. I had a feeling that might happen, so I took a quick picture in the bathroom at work. I love the olive with the berry of the cardigan! And I also love my giant gold Baublebar necklace. Mr. T is in the house!
And I had to add this picture of my adorable Marshie rolling around on top of my Golden Tote before I could even get a picture of it. I swear, I had it for about 1 second before he ran over and rolled all over it. (This is why we can’t have nice things.) But it was really cute so I thought I would include this outtake.

Final Grade: A+

I loved both of my items this month! I’m definitely catching the Golden Tote Fever! The girls in the Golden Tote Facebook group are so fun and everyone does their “Tote Reveals” so we can all see what everyone received and how different sizes look on different body types. It’s a neat little community around a fun brand!

If you are interested in trying Golden Tote for yourself, click here for my referral link!


PS: Happy Birthday, Dad! 🙂

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