It’s that time of year! Time to find gifts for the guy or gal who has everything! One of the best things about gifting subscription boxes is that they are the gift that keeps on giving a little bit after Christmas! While you can obviously read our archives on the different boxes, I wanted to share my opinion on the best boxes you can gift this year!

1. Allure Beauty Box: Allure Beauty Box is my very favorite beauty box and the one to get the gal that loves high-end, luxury products. They always send products that the editors of Allure endorse and you know they have some high standards! There are some beauty boxes out there that will send drugstore products or products from brands that look expensive but when you haven’t heard of the brand before, you question the value. The Allure Beauty Box doesn’t have the perfect gift options yet, but you could pay $15/mo for that special someone (and cancel anytime), or even better, buy a year up front for $165! (If you are doing the math, buying a year up front gives you a free month!) Click here to see my past reviews!

IMG_36402. Birchbox: Birchbox is ostensibly the grandaddy of all subscription boxes. They have been around the longest and they have the best rewards system in the business! (When you write reviews of the products you sample, you get points which translate into dollars to spend in the Birchbox store!) And at just $10/mo, it is a steal! Birchbox has introduced me to a lot of great products and they keep on adding more and more products to their store! (I buy my Oribe Dry texturizing spray there with my points because spending the full price is bananas!) You can buy gift subscriptions at $30/3-months, $60/6-months, or $110/12-months! Click here to read our Birchbox reviews!


3. Birchbox Man: Has your husband/boyfriend/special man friend been eyeing your monthly Birchbox? Is he secretly a little fancy but doesn’t know what products to use? Do they want fun grooming/lifestyle products, too? Then Birchbox Man might be the perfect gift! The regular Birchbox Man box is a bit more expensive than the women’s box at $20/mo because they always include a lifestyle product. I’ve seen neat tech things, pocket scarves, socks, and other fun things. (You might not think socks are fun, but sometimes they are!) Gift subscriptions start at $60/3-months and $110/6-months! We had our friend British Rob review one here.


4. Julep Maven: The Julep Maven subscription box is perfect for the gal who does not really like surprises. When you are a Maven, for $25/mo you are able to choose 3 nail polish and beauty products you’d like to receive from a monthly collection. Mavens are also able to access special pricing and other perks. You can pay $25/mo for a month-by-month subscription and cancel anytime, or pay $60/3-months. Click here to check out our past reviews!


5. POPSUGAR Must Have: We have made no secret that the POPSUGAR Must Have Box is one of our favorite boxes because it has a little bit of everything. Some beauty, home, lifestyle, foodie, fitness, and other fun things! Since this box has full-size items, the price is a bit more at $39.95/mo. You can also get a 3-month subscription at $109.85 or 6-months at $214.70. Click here to see some of our past reviews and why we love this box so much.


6Love With Food: It’s time to hook up the foodies in your life. This is one of Jill’s very favorite boxes. And she isn’t alone… if she isn’t careful, her husband will gobble those snacks right up also. There are 3 different subscription options to choose from: the regular tasting box ($7.99-9.99/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples ($16.50-$19.99), and a gluten-free option ($19.99-$24.99). If you click the Love With Food link above, you can get 40% off your first box! And check out our archives on Love With Food here!


7. Raw Spice Bar: This is another great (and cost effective!) treat for the foodies! For $6/month, RSB sends you 3-4 expertly blended spice packs. Each blend is unique and enticing, you definitely haven’t tried these blends before. The packs are reasonably sized and resealable, plus they always include recipes for each of the spices. Jill loves incorporating new spices into her recipes and if she loves it, any foodie will love it! Check out all of her reviews on Raw Spice Bar here.


8. Hamptons Lane: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Hamptons Lane, especially because they are giving Boxy Ladies’ readers $10 off your next box with code: BOXYLADIES10. How cool is that? This is the perfect box for the super foodie in your life. It’s $47/month but it lets that special chef in your life preview the products that they are going to include so they are able to skip if they don’t need the items included in that particular month. Cool, huh? Check out some of our reviews here.


9. Happy Mail and/or Messy Box by A Beautiful Mess: Do you have a crafty friend who loves scrapbooking with her friends on the weekend? (I’m looking at you, Addie!) Or a friend that still loves sending cards and letters and always wants to have the perfect card on hand for every occasion? These are a few subscriptions that could work for those gals! I subscribe to Happy Mail and I absolutely LOVE it. I pay $15/mo with a year commitment. But there are other options available as well: $18/mo for 6-months and $20/mo for month-to-month. I haven’t tried Messy Box because I do NOT happen to be that scrapbooking gal, but it looks so neat. Each Messy Box kit contains a ton of different cool paper products and different paper goods perfect for different paper crafts. You won’t be disappointed. Messy Box has as similar pricing model: $19.99/mo for 12-month commitment, $21.99/mo for 6-month commitment, and 24.99/mo for month-to month. If your wife/girlfriends spends too much at Hobby Lobby, this might help with that. 🙂 Click here to check out my past Happy Mail reviews.


10. Ipsy: This is a great subscription box for someone who loves makeup. I like to think this would be perfect for a teenager or someone that doesn’t have a lot of makeup yet. This box sends a monthly cosmetic bag, which is fun. I also feel like they focus on makeup more than skincare (where I feel Birchbox excels) so I feel like a teenager might appreciate experimenting with makeup more. (Teenage Lauren would totally love ipsy.) Click here to see our past reviews on ipsy!



What boxes are you gifting this year? I am gifting a few but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! As a reminder, DO NOT GIFT GLOSSYBOX! Read more about why we consider Glossybox a Boxy Ladies Do Not Buy here! And do NOT forget to use ebates when you are doing your holiday shopping! So many of these boxes use ebates also, so sign up today with my referral link! I’ve already gotten close to $50 back this holiday season. Free money, y’all. Cash money.


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