It’s Love With Food time again! Not only is this one of my favorite food boxes, LWF does great things with the money they collect from subscriptions – they donate a meal to a hungry child for each box they sell! There are 3 different subscription options to choose from: the regular tasting box ($7.99-9.99/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples ($16.50-$19.99), and a gluten-free option ($19.99-$24.99). PLUS if you use my referral link (by clicking here), you’ll receive 40% off your first box!

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This month’s theme was Thank-Full, which is seasonally appropriate. It was packed with some seriously tasty treats and is one of my recent favorites! Check out what was inside:


“Dirty” Sweet Potato Chips by Dirty Potato Chips: These are some of my favorite potato chips! I generally don’t like people messing with my chips, since potatoes are perfect just as they are, but these are quite good. Crispy, crunchy, salty, sweet – they’re awesome.

Honey Graham Sticks by Back to Nature: I love these. My husband and I regularly snack on graham crackers, so we are kinda graham cracker snobs. These are pretty decent, plus they are in stick-form so you don’t have The Universal Graham Cracker Experience of getting sugary crumbs all over your shirt from biting into a giant sheet of graham cracker.


Sesame Tocchietti by Bello Rustico: This Italian sesame cracker is the perfect balance of savory, salty, and crunchy. Made with EVOO, they taste simply amazing. I ate mine with some pecorino and wine and it went perfectly.

Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle by Sheila O’s: I’ve had these before and they are a little too sweet for me, but my husband thinks I’m insane because he loves them. They are like flat, crunchy brownie crackers with specks of salted caramel. They are perfect for someone with a serious sweet tooth.


Chocolate Squares by Chocolaterie Monbana: These are so good. So so so good. While I pretty much love anything chocolate, these aren’t too sweet so there’s a real punch of cocoa when you bite into them. Forget Hershey’s, good chocolate is just amazing.

Raspberry Trufflecremes in Milk Chocolate No. 30 by Dilettante Chocolates: When you have a series of 30 kinds of milk chocolate, you know you’ve officially made it as a chocolatier. These are on the sweeter side because of the raspberry, but sweet chocolate is better than no chocolate at all. Like, as a life rule.

Biscoff by Lotus Bakeries: These are totally new to me, LWF has never sent them before! These are like a perfect tea cookie, buttery and crispy, not too sweet, not overly flavorful. Basically, I could eat these for days.


Tea Sachets by David’s Tea: David’s Tea is great. My parents are huge tea drinkers and I always put the tea bags that I receive aside for them. They are big fans of David’s Tea, so I know they will dig it.

BONUS ITEM! Turbinado Natural Cane Sugar by Maui Brand: I love it when LWF sends little bonus samples to try, and this one is pretty cool. It’s the perfect amount of raw sugar for a cup of coffee, so it’s a great little freebie!

Final Rating: A+

As usual, I loved my Love With Food box. What’s not to love about a box of snacks showing up at your door for just a few bucks each month? I haven’t gotten any spoilers about the theme for December, but I am already looking forward to it!

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