Target is releasing Beauty Boxes like gangbusters lately– and I don’t mind at all. This particular box sold for $10 and is now sold out. If you are on our email list or our Facebook Fan, you are alerted immediately when these bad boys go on sale! This month they released both a Women’s Box, called Gltz & Glam that we’ll review here and a Man box, described here. I’m not sure we will review that one because we all remember what happened the last time I had Matt help me review a box.Ā JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-1

Target’s boxes aren’t a subscription and they also aren’t surprise boxes so once you know they are on sale, you have to buy them quickly! Since they are always such great deals, I sometimes buy them without reading what’s inside! But the point is, you can see what’s coming, which is neat!

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-2

Here’s the inside of the box! Each box comes with a card describing the products and a Target coupon!

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-3Here is everything I got this time!

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-5Cover Girl Star Wars Limited Edition Colorlicious Lipstick Red No. 30 ($24.99)

I was nervous when I saw that Target was including one of the Limited Edition Star Wars colors in every box. A lot of the colors are cool but they are like, gold and silver and those aren’t super wearable for every day.

JPEG image-A1A6C445D3C0-1

But I was THRILLED when I received Red No. 30. It’s hard to see in the picture but it’s a deep berry with a subtle shimmer. Good work, Cover Girl. And I guess, Star Wars.

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-6Hair Food Sulfate Free Kiwi Dry Shampoo ($4.99)

I’m still not totally sure how I feel about this dry shampoo from Hair Food. For one thing, it comes out wet and it stays wet for a few seconds on your hair until your rub it in. Most dry shampoos I like, don’t feel wet. For example, my favorite Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo is more of a powdery spray. I think I prefer that. I only tried the Hair Food dry shampoo at night, when I wasn’t styling my hair, so it really didn’t bother me that it was wet. But I think if I had already styled my hair and was just trying to give myself a little volume and texture, I would worry that the wetness could potentially mess with my hairstyle?

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-7Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream: Full Size! ($10.99)

I have only just started using this. So far, I can tell that it’s a nice moisturizing cream. Not too heavy and I feel like it definitely sinks into my skin versus just sitting on top of it. This could be good for under makeup. I can’t speak to its sculpting abilities yet, but this may make its way into my routine, so stay tuned.

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-8Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama: Full Size! ($8.99)

I really wanted to love this because I am still on the hunt for a great drugstore duplicate or even just a great mascara that isn’t even a dupe of my Benefit Roller Lash. While this gave me incredible length and definition, it also flaked like crazy! I only had it on for a few hours after I got it but I had black flakes all over my face. šŸ™

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-9Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama: Full Size! ($8.99)

I was really excited to try it, though! All those mascara commercials really get me. Like, logically I know that a mascara won’t make me look like a supermodel and they all are wearing false lashes– I still think that the mascara they are advertising will make me look incredible. Unfortunately, not this one

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-10Pacifica Love 3 Natural Minerals Coconut Eye Shadow Trio Full Size! ($9.99)

I received a Pacifica highlighter in a different box and I really liked it. I’m not actually taking this out of the box because I plan on re-gifting it. I should really pull myself away from the Colourpop but I just love their shadows so much!

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-11Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream ($32.99)

While I haven’t had the opportunity to try this little guy yet, However, I am excited to try it because I have been a fan of Laneige for awhile now. Before launching with Target, I think Laneige was primarily a Korean brand. Target saw that K-beauty train a-comin’ and jumped on board! I love theĀ LaneigeĀ sleeping mask, so I’m looking forward to trying their Water Bank Moisture Cream.

JPEG image-7950579CC3E5-12Goody Ouchless Hair Ties ($1?)Ā 

Hair ties aren’t that exciting but I like receiving them in boxes because that means I never run out. Do y’all buy a big pack of hair ties and then somehow manage to lose ALL of them? How is that possible. Just like bobby pins. One day you have hundreds and the next you have two. Where do they go?

CeraVe Eye Repair Cream (Full Size: $13.99)

I just tried this and was surprised at how thick and creamy this is but also that it absorbed really quickly. This can probably be worn at night or during the day. I love trying out different eye creams in boxes because it prevents me from having to drop money on an expensive bottle! Haha. So I will definitely be using this sample for sure.

Final Grade: A+Ā 
Total Value: $77.96

This was an incredible value for a $10 box. By my calculations, this box had a value of around $77 which is awesome. While some of the products weren’t my favorites (I’m looking at you, mascara and dry shampoo!) I was gladĀ to get the opportunity to try them without having to buy them separately. I’m excited to try the Laneige cream and I’m interested in seeing how the Olay cream will work over time.

Did y’all get lucky and snag one of these boxes? Which products did you love? Any not work for you?


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