Have y’all heard of Influenster? Once you sign up, (and you can use my link here!) you are given the opportunity to take different surveys to see if you qualify for different “Vox Boxes.” I was recently told I qualified for the “Spice Vox Box.” I was mildly confused because I thought it had to do with kitchen/cooking spices and that is definitely not my forte. (I leave all of the food boxes to my girl, Jill.)

So I was really shocked when I received a HUGE box from Influenster that said Spice Vox Box on the front. I called my husband over since he’s been doing all of the cooking in our house for the past year because I thought I was about to open a huge box of spices.

Spoiler alert: there were no spices in this box, but instead a variety of products intended to spice up my life! Heyo!


That’s a LOT of stuff, right? Let’s check everything out!


SoapBox Shampoo & Conditioner ($5.99)

So the concept of this company is really neat and actually sounds a lot like Toms: For every product sold, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is given to a person in need! That is really cool– but we also want to know if it works!  All of their shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates, parabens, EDTA, and artificial colorants, so if those things are important to you, that’s good to know. The bottles depicted coconut and shea butter and I was really worried that this system was going to really weigh my hair down. I was pleasantly surprised when the shampoo itself was clear. That is usually a good sign that it won’t weigh my hair down. I was pleasantly surprised by the conditioner also! I thought that would surely weigh my hair down also but it didn’t! I’m not sure this will become my go-to shampoo and conditioner combo but it worked!


Foot Petals Give ’em the Boot ($18.95)

These foot petals make my Frye boots a liiiiiiittle too tight when I put them in but I am on the hunt for some new boots (that will likely be a lot cheaper) so I will gladly put these bad boys in my boots immediately! And though it’s 70 degrees in Texas right now, I know that colder temps are right around the corner, so I think the 100% wool overlay will help keep my feet warm, even in cheaper boots.


Not Your Mother’s Whip It Up Cream Styling Mousse (2.1 oz/$3 or 7 oz/$7)

I am disappointed to say that I just do not care for this product! Y’all are all probably sick of me raving about Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. It is seriously my favorite, so I am obviously a fan of the brand. This is actually the second time I’ve tried the Whip It Up Cream Styling Mousse. The first time, Kristen Ess, from my favorite blog, The Beauty Department, recommended it awhile back. I think I had shorter hair at the time so I thought it would help give me more volume. While it smelled like wonderful vanilla cake, I felt like it made my hair kind of sticky and limp! However, I am NOT a hair pro. So when I received it again in my Spice Vox Box, I decided to try it again, now that I have gotten a little better at doing my hair. I still didn’t feel like it gave me the volume I expected/wanted. Though it still smells just as good! I’m sure this product works well for someone else, but for now, I will stick to the dry shampoo!


Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream ($12.99)

This Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream is REALLY hydrating. In fact, while I have dry skin, I think this is even a bit too thick for the skin on my face, especially under makeup. However, it felt really nice and moisturizing on my hands. I would totally use it as a hand cream if only it had SPF. What a bummer! I do not understand creams that are marketed as day creams without SPF! No one wants to put 25 products on their face. This might be better for slightly more mature skin or skin that is very damaged. But I honestly think it’s pretty thick and may work better for other skin types at night.


SinfulColors SinfulShine $2.99

I have always heard great things about SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish. In fact, last year, all the gals in the nail polish world would always rave about SinfulColors Prosecco! Everyone wanted it. It was everyone’s unicorn. I haven’t had the chance to try the colors yet but I LOVE the blue color. It looks very much like Matt’s car so I know he will like it. I’m also in the process of investigating different top coats so I will report back if this one is a winner!


Here is a close up of the colors.


Yogi Tea Samples

I only recently started drinking tea when I lost my voice and was recommended the Throat Coat tea. Matt bought a similar tea that helped with his allergies so we started to become the people that drink tea together. However, I am still at the beginning of my tea journey. I really enjoy drinking tea at night so I want to look for caffeine free varieties. However, I am looking forward to trying the Vanilla Spice on some weekend morning by the lake when it gets a bit chilly! IMG_470801347

Good Health Veggie Stix $3.99

First of all, these were the biggest item in the box. Seriously, I could not believe how much stuff Influenster put in this box! Anyway… these were really good! They were salty enough to feel like a snack but I felt like they were a decent substitution for french fries when we had hamburgers the other night.

Final Grade: B

For a Spice Box with no spices in it, this was a pretty decent box! I was excited to experience some brands I haven’t heard about yet and also check in with some brands that I’m more familiar with. If you haven’t, y’all should definitely check out Influenster for the chance to review awesome products like these! Click here for my referral link!

Products provided by Influenster in exchange for an honest review
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