It’s Love With Food time again! This box comes packed with tasty snacks, regardless of which box you choose – the regular tasting box ($8-10/month), a deluxe tasting box with twice as many samples (around $16), and a gluten-free option (around $19). I stick to the regular tasting box. As a bonus, LWF donates a meal to a hungry child for every box that they sell.


This month’s theme is “Chocolate Makes the World Go Round,” which is a total lie. There are like 2 things even remotely related to chocolate in the box, and everything else is not even partially chocolate. I’ve complained about how random the LWF themes are the in the past, but you don’t mess with my chocolate. If you give me a booklet with a decadent looking stack of gooey chocolate brownies on the front and a chocolate-centric theme, I expect the box to contain primarily chocolate snacks. Don’t toy with my heart, LWF.

Ok, I’ve regained my composure. Let’s see what’s inside! 


Handmade Fruit Leather by You Love Fruit – This isn’t chocolate. It’s mango coconut fruit leather, so not even close to chocolate. Regardless, it’s pretty good and not loaded with sugar, so it’s a healthier snack. Still, I wish it was chocolate.

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter by Bell Plantation – Also not chocolate. I’ve seen this powdered peanut butter around (we use it when making beer), but I’ve never actually eaten it. Apparently it is a mix that you can whip up into a peanut butter spread. While interesting, I was promised chocolate and this is dried peanut butter.


Bean Chips by Beanitos – Bean chips are about as far from chocolate as you can get, but I suppose they make a good snack. LWF loves Beanitos, we get them fairly regularly, so I know they’re pretty good. They’re just not chocolate.

Sweet Corn Crunch Dried Snacks by Sensible Foods – Definitely not chocolate. Basically the opposite of chocolate. This light, crispy dried corn is a surprisingly satisfying snack, despite its lack of chocolate.


Tea by Numi Tea – Turmeric tea = not chocolate. Chocolate Earl Grey tea = debatably chocolate. I’ll give them a pass because chocolate tea squeaks by on a technicality. Numi has pretty great tea though, so I can’t be that mad.

Liquicroc Caramel by Maison Pecou – This caramel is dipped in chocolate, so we FINALLY have some chocolate in the chocolate box. It was pretty tasty, I ate it immediately.

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Mini Bar by Luna – This bar was allegedly chocolate, but tasted more like chalk. I expect more from Luna, though I’ve found their bars to be pretty hit or miss. They get a B for effort, since it was partly chocolate.

Dark Chocolate with Creamy Toffee Filling by Cafe Britt – I would like to point out that this is the only legitimate piece of chocolate in this chocolate-themed box, and it was the size of a quarter. DON’T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP, LWF. That said, it was pretty tasty.


Midnight Brownie Gluten-Free Cookies by Goodie Girl – You might argue that this is chocolate, but it’s probably the biggest let down in the box because while you’re technically correct, it is a pack of tiny chocolate cookies, they are tiny chocolate GLUTEN FREE COOKIES. It doesn’t count, they took away the gluten and gave me crispy little healthy chocolate-flavored rice cakes. NOT COOL.

Love With Food Chapstick – Alright, this is pretty cute despite not being chocolate. I go through Chapstick in the winter like crazy, so I appreciate this freebie.

Final Rating: B

While I’m pretty miffed about being lied to about all the chocolate, I just can’t stay mad at Love With Food for too long. The snacks are still great, despite their lack of chocolate. Plus the whole feeding hungry children thing is pretty rad. So at the end of the day, I still love LWF.

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Contains affiliate links; I purchased this box, all opinions are my own.

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