Stitch Fix is definitely getting back on my good side. We had a falling out a few months back but I think this month was my favorite Fix yet!

For a $20 styling fee, Stitch Fix assembles a box of clothing and accessories just for you. They take your tastes, preferences, sizing, body shape, lifestyle, even your Pinterest boards into consideration when they curate your personalized Fix! Your $20 fee is subtracted from the retail amount of whatever you keep, but you can send anything back and not pay anything more (they include a free shipping envelope to send stuff back). As a bonus, if you ever keep the whole box you’ll get 25% off! Here’s what I got this month:


Mari Mixed Material Top by Le Lis – $48.00: I love this top so much!! The back is a flowy silk and the front is a soft knit, it’s mega flattering, and it fits perfectly. It is quickly becoming one of my go-to tops! I definitely kept this one. 


Bailey Open Cardigan by RD Style – $68.00: I actually have a very similar sweater, so I didn’t keep this one. However, I asked for heavy, huge sweaters to wear with skinny jeans and SF delivered, plus since I already own its twin they nailed my style.


Calder Hammered Triangle Pendant Necklace by Nakamol – $38.00: I really like this necklace but I am on a strict NO MORE JEWELRY diet for at least a month. I just buy it way too frequently. If I wasn’t trying to practice moderation I would have kept this one!


Alonnah Knit Sleeve Drape Blazer by Fate – $78.00: I was really sad that this jacket was too big. I love the knit sleeves and I am always on the hunt for a new blazer, but I like my jackets to fit a bit better. One size down would have been perfect. Alas, I sent it back.


Cia Cable Knit Pullover Sweater by MTLA – $68.00: I did ask for oversized sweaters so I can’t really blame them for sending me this, but it’s not really my style. The white trim on the sleeves reminds me of The Gap circa 1996, so I had to pass.

Final Rating: A

Stitch Fix is starting to really earn back my trust, the past couple of boxes they’ve sent me have been on point. I am seriously loving my new top and I was super tempted to keep the jacket and necklace as well. If they keep this up I just may start getting Fixes monthly again!

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I paid for this box and all opinions are my own.
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