OK, let’s travel back in time and talk about the December 2015 Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess! Happy Mail is all about notecards and different paper products and since I love snail mail and fun prints, this is a great box for me! I love that I always have the perfect card on hand for almost every occasion.

I pay $15/month because I signed up for a 12 month commitment because that is a total STEAL for how many cards and products you receive.. However, if you have cold feet, you can sign up for a 6 month commitment for $18/month or just pay month-to-month for $20/month.

So let’s see what I got this month!


Here is everything they sent! As usual, I’m always blown away by the sheer volume of products they send! I just love it. It’s definitely one of my favorite packages to receive. We’ll delve a little deeper below.


Stickers: These were some cute planner stickers. However, weirdly, they were literally the ONLY Christmas/holiday themed item in the whole box! Isn’t that weird? It would have been nice to get a few holiday cards. Oh well. Maybe I could just put them all over one of the cards they included and turn it into a Christmas card. THAT WILL SHOW THEM. IMG_5030

This Is My Year Print: This is the first poster that I didn’t love from Happy Mail. I received an email from them because I think people were under the impression from pictures on their site that this was going to be a gold foil but it definitely wasn’t. You can’t tell from the picture but it looks almost brown in person. It’s actually pretty ugly. The email said that the print changed from its original design in the following ways: 1. Instead of gold foil, the design is now printed on a metallic gold paper 2. The lettering is no longer embossed. Man. Wouldn’t that have been super cute if it WAS gold foil and embossed? They also said that gold metallic paper was “equally great” (false) and “it is very important to us that we continue to offer our customers high quality product we can stand behind.” Bleh. However, this is the first “bad” product I have received from A Beautiful Mess so I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they will get back to sending cute prints like I have become accustomed to!


Gift Tags: These are such BEAUTIFUL gift tags! And while it’s kind of neat they are holiday neutral because I could use them anytime, I kind of wished they WERE holiday themed. It’s December! Help a gal out when she runs out of gift tags! Oh well. I’ll use these. IMG_5033

Awesome card: The back of this card says, “Reasons why you are awesome:” with some lines. I will definitely give this to Matt. I think this could definitely be good for a girl or guy recipient and I like those sort of “gender neutral” type cards.


Greetings From Another Planet Postcard: I really liked this postcard! Unlike the print debacle, this one has actual gold foil, and is really cool!


Taxi Card: I am not sure what I thought this card would say, but it certainly wasn’t, “Let’s Take A Trip Together!” That is a very specific card to give someone. I have a feeling I’ll be holding onto this for awhile. (Forever.)


Honey card: How cute is this honey card?! The inside says, “You’re the sweetest.” Totes cute.


Happy Birthday card: It’s always great to have a new Happy Birthday card on hand. This one definitely leans toward the feminine but let’s face it: the gals of the world tend to appreciate cards more than the guys. I like the brush lettering effect of this card!


Thank You card: This card is SO pretty. I love the marble effect of the design and the gold foil lettering is on point. Now someone needs to give me a present so I can send them this card! See, they managed to do gold foil here, too. Can you tell I’m still disappointed in the print?


Shake It Off card: As a Taylor Swift fan, I am embarrassed to admit that when I first saw this card and looked at the straw and thought they were trying to say “Suck It Off,” and I was mildly shocked. THEN I GOT IT. SHAKE IT OFF. Cute. On the inside, it says, “Sorry you had a bad week.” This is great to have on-hand for friends and work buddies. Sometimes a card can really cheer someone up!


Go You card: This is a pretty simple congratulatory card. It’s just a one pager that is blank on the back. However, note that black envelope. I had to invest in some white gel pens since I started receiving this subscription.


Beets card: On the inside it says, “Nothing Beets Being Your Friend.” This is really cute. I’ll give or send this to someone soon.

Final Grade: B

This is the first Happy Mail box I haven’t been over the moon about. First, the print. Second, a lack of holiday cards! Would it have been that hard? They didn’t have to go full-on Christmas but even some winter-themed cards would have been appreciated. I just thought that was such a gimme and there were only a few stickers. Despite my few disappointments, the box still had so many cards in it that I know I will use in the coming year!

If you are interested in signing up for Happy Mail for yourself, click here! They don’t have referral links or anything, I just think everyone should get it because it’s usually one of my very favorite boxes!


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