Wooo! It’s Birchbox time! This month, I chose the Korean Beauty box, curated by Charlotte Cho. K-Beauty is such a big trend in beauty right now and I’m sure you hear both Jill and I touch on it from time to time. So I decided to just go for it and get the box.

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If you are just now joining us, Birchbox sends out deluxe, high-end samples at $10/month. One of the great things about Birchbox is you can earn points which translates to money to spend in their store where you can purchase full-sized items beauty and lifestyle items just by giving some feedback about what you received. We love giving our opinions, so this works well for Jill and I.

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Re:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb ($41/full-size): I haven’t had the chance to try this mask yet because I feel like I have masks coming out of my ears. (More on that later.) This mask is supposed to reduce redness and deeply cleanse pores.

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer ($28/full-size): This was the item I immediately grabbed out of the box and started using. I still haven’t found a primer I LOVE so these are some of my favorite products to receive in boxes because I like experimenting. And this is one of my favorites. So many primers feel silicon-y and this one feels more like a light moisturizer. I have to warn you, though– this one contains a bit of a shimmer. I don’t mind because I think this helps my overall appearance look more dewy but I wanted to note that for those that want less shimmer.

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Manefit Beauty Planner Cucumber Soothing + Moisturizing Mask (Set of 5, $10): When I said I have masks up to my ears, I am referring to sheet masks. I don’t feel like I have enough time in the week to use them all, but I guess I better start! Maybe tonight, with this one!

Goodal Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling and Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam Packets: Sometimes I get annoyed with foil packets but then I remember how awesome they are for traveling or your gym bag. But those “bubble” products are so popular right now so I might even try this one at home.

JPEG image-136B4680B127-6Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint in Red ($6/full-size): I tried this and I kind of liked it. It is like one of those reds that is more of a tint so it’s more work appropriate.

Goodal Waterest First Essence ($30/full-size): I thought essences were supposed to be more watery to prep skin for serums and such but this feels more like a lightweight moisturizer. However, I could be wrong, since I’m still learning about the world of essences and how the hell I am supposed to use them. Isn’t my skincare routine complicated enough?! Oh well, I still like it OK, but I still like the one from Belif a bit better.

Final Grade: B

I liked this month’s Birchbox OK but it wasn’t my favorite. The best part was discovering a primer I actually like and a nice lip tint I can wear to work! But it’s fine because I can review everything and get $5 at the Birchbox store and that’s golden.

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Purchased; All opinions are my own
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