Target has once again outdone themselves. The mega store started releasing Beauty Boxes once a month(-ish) packed with deluxe sized samples and full-sized items from their beauty inventory. Lauren and I have been super lucky to get them each time so far – they sell out in just an hour or two. By the way, we always announce them when they are released so subscribe to our email alerts so you can nab one too!


This time they released two Beauty Boxes simultaneously, Refresh and Renewal (both $7), and both are my favorite releases so far. One of the cool things about the Beauty Box is that you can see what’s included and they are usually released in pairs. They really crammed the products in there this time, there was no room wasted inside that box. It seems like each time they release a box there are more and more products inside. I was impressed. Ok, let’s see what I got in the Refresh box! 


ScunciBraided Elastic Bands ($2.87 for 6) – These are super cool. I didn’t realize just how cool they were until I saw them in person – each hair band is actually dense elastic that is loosely braided, perfect for gripping a ponytail for extra staying power at the gym.

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pads ($12.99 for full size) – I haven’t used a skin pad since high school (hello, OXY pads), but these are awesome. They exfoliate with glycolic acid to help smooth and clear up your skin.


NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion ($5.99 for full size) – This in-shower lotion contains almond oil and is mega hydrating. This is a deluxe sample all the way – the bottle is big enough for me to bring on my upcoming vacation in Europe next month and possibly last all 3 weeks!

John Frieda Keraflex Hair Spray ($8.99 for full size) – I’ve used this spray before and actually kind of love it. I’m not usually one to use hair spray, but this is one of those micro-fine sprays that goes on light and doesn’t make your hair look straight out of the 80s.


ACURE Day Cream ($16.99 for full size) – This is not a day cream I’ve tried before but it contains gotu kola stem cells and chlorella (no clue what that is) to keep your skin hydrated and detoxified. I really love how seasonally-appropriate a lot of these items are, it’s like Target has really put some thought into sending products we want to use RIGHT NOW. My skin gets ultra dry in the winter, I am down to try anything moisturizing!

Marlowe Extra Moisturizing Lotion ($9.99 for full size) – This is also going with me on my upcoming vacation – I can never have enough lotion when I travel. Between the long plane ride and frequently washing my hands when I’m out all day, I go through a lot of lotion.

IMG_4846Clear Total Care Shampoo & Conditioner ($4.99 each for full size) – I will always (ALWAYS) welcome a big ol’ deluxe shampoo/conditioner sample because these are things I always end up forgetting to buy in advance and inevitably find myself shampoo-less one morning when I am in a rush to make a meeting or appointment. It’s so great to have a decent sized bottle of each so I can procrastinate just that much longer.

Simple Micellar Wipes ($6.99 – this is a full size product!) – YESSSSSS!! I love it when Target sends a full sized product! Face wipes are the best and I really like these because they’re great for sensitive, dry skin like my own. These are DEFINITELY coming with me on vacation, they are perfect for long plane rides and late nights out!

Final Rating: A+

Let’s be real, I would have given this box at least an A even if I didn’t love everything in it. Getting a jam-packed box full of useful beauty products for a mere $7 is the greatest thing ever, it’s no wonder they sell out immediately. This time around they really did nail it though, I am planning on taking SO MUCH of these on vacation with me. Plus they always give you a $3 coupon to spend at Target! You can’t beat it.



PS: You can use Ebates at Target the next time you buy a Beauty Box! It’s free money (yes, it is literally free, there is no catch).



I purchased this box, all opinions are my own.
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1 Comment on Target Refresh Beauty Box

  1. Cathy
    January 25, 2016 at 8:13 am (2 years ago)

    I was able to snag this Refresh Box and it is awesome; love all the products. I have gotten Target BB is the past and the January box really is one of the better ones I have received. Thank you to the ladies and Boxy Ladies for the heads-up when these and other boxes become available. I love that there is a way to test products for minimal cost and then invest in the products you like. Thanks again.