Hamptons Lane is quickly becoming the box I look forward to coming home and finding on my doorstep each month. Each box is thoughtfully curated and includes high-end, gourmet items that centers around a unique monthly theme – and you can always skip that month or replace that month’s box with another. Even better, they also allow you to preview the box before deciding to purchase it (I wish every box would let you do that). It costs $47, a steal for such high-value content.


This month’s theme was Power Bowl, not only referring to the high-end stainless bowl that is the focus of this month’s box, but also a nod to eating healthier in the new year and giving you some tools and ingredients to jumpstart 2016. Each box includes a beautiful booklet that contains delicious recipes, gorgeous photos, and some helpful hints on how to pull all the items in the box together. It’s always so telling when the literature in a box is so polished – you know you’re dealing with pros. Let’s see what the January box included, shall we? 


Airtight Stainless Steel To-Go Bowl by Onyx – $30.00: This “power bowl” is the focus of the box this month, and I am so excited to welcome it to my kitchen. I’d imagine that most people throw together a sandwich before rushing off to work, but I actually cook a straight up meal for myself to enjoy later on in the day (I just really like to cook, ok?).


This bowl is PERFECT for my needs – it’s got a gasketed lid that seals tight with clamps, giving soup and saucy dishes a guaranteed way to be transported without leaking. Plus it’s actually a pretty big size (over 4 cups), so you can cram quite a big meal inside. Move over, Tupperware, this has become my favorite portable bowl!


Salad Dressing-2-Go Container by EVRI – $5.00: I had to laugh at this item because my mom (who knows me so well) actually put one of these in my Christmas stocking this year! Of COURSE Hamptons Lane included it, because it’s totally awesome. I’m not mad that I have two though, that just means I can go twice as long without running my dishwasher (yes, it’s dishwasher safe). This soft container is perfect for dressing or really any liquid you want to transport and its construction is totally leak-proof.


Organic Pearled Farro by Nuts.com – $5.00: What better base for a power bowl than organic farro? It’s hearty, filling, and perfect for salads, not to mention packed with vitamins and nutrients. This is a half pound bag that will certainly last through a few lunches.


Minnesota Grown Wild Rice by North Bay Trading Co. – $6.00: Wild rice is so freaking great when you’re dieting. It’s super filling, forces you to chew a ton so you get full faster, and is chock full of nutrition. Bonus, it’s tasty. This half pound bag will not last me long, but it’s bound to make me happy!


Dia del Perro Hot Sauce by Lucky Dog- $7.00: My husband was drawn to this like a magnet when I opened this month’s box. We are both pepper heads who will put hot sauce on just about anything, but this one in particular caught his eye. Alderwood-smoked Serrano peppers, green tomatillo, toasted onion, roasted garlic, chile tepin, and habanero-infused sea salt – basically heaven in a jar.


Chile Margarita Rub by Spiceologist – $9.00: I can never get enough spice rub. Ancho peppers, aleppo chile, orange peel, and lime peel make up this one, and I don’t think I have one quite similar to it already. This is a 2 oz pouch, which is a really solid amount of seasoning!

Final rating: A+

First of all, I love everything in the box. Hamptons Lane is seriously the perfect box for foodies and cooks (and those who consider themselves both), and I’m always impressed with how much they pack into the box. Second, the value here is among the top percentile of food/kitchen subscription boxes. This box was $47.00 (or less if you use one of the coupon codes that are always floating around), and the contents totaled $62.00. It’s a great deal for a great box! Can’t wait to see what February brings!

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Received this box in exchange for my honest opinion, all opinions are my own.
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