RawSpiceBar is such a unique subscription. Each month they send you 3 super tasty spice blends for a low $6. The blends are creative and based around a theme, so it’s always really fun to see what they put together each month. Don’t be fooled by the simple packaging, these spice mixes pack a punch in flavor and originality.


Included in the envelope is an assortment of recipes and some info about the theme that month (typically an international cuisine). Previously they sent a brochure but I’m really glad to see that they’ve switched to postcard-like recipe cards because I inevitably tore into the booklet trying to free it from the packaging.


This month’s theme was Egyptian cuisine! Spices have come a long way since they were originally discovered in 3,000 BC in Egyptian tombs, but we’re still using these ancient seasonings in modern ways. Let’s see what we got this month! 


This Egyptian spice blend includes a traditional mix of spices that can be used in a variety of ways. From soups and dips to roasted meat and vegetables, this mix adds a warm earthiness to just about any dish for a totally new flavor. The recipe they included to pair with this blend is a roasted spiced bronzini which sounds so delicious that I may need to go buy a bronzini.


Sumac berries are such an interesting (though totally obvious) choice for this month! Sumac is that spice that you can never put your finger on when you taste it in a dish. It’s kind of like nutmeg, a tiny bit of it makes everything taste so much better and is the sleeper agent for many chefs. The included recipe is for a sumac, carrot, and almond salad, which sounds really interesting.


This blend might be my all-time Raw Spice Bar favorite. A mix of hazenuts, sesame seeds, coriander, cumin, fennel, thyme, salt, and peppercorn – it’s basically straight up tastiness in a bag. They recommend sprinkling it on flatbread, but why stop there? This mix would taste great on anything from pasta to dips to just straight up mixing it with some olive oil and digging in.

Final Rating: A+

RawSpiceBar is really establishing quite a reputation for itself. The price is right on, and the quality (and creativity!) of the spice blends is just amazing. They also include the perfect amount of seasoning in resealable bags, which is a total bonus. I highly recommend this one!

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