Popsugar Must Have is one of my and Jill’s favorite monthly boxes. We always scour the internet looking for spoilers weeks before it’s due to arrive because we can’t keep the excitement at bay. If you’re interested in an awesome mix of beauty and lifestyle products, then look no further, because that’s exactly what you’ll get for $39.95/month. Even better, it’s got a super high value of the products inside, which just adds to the fun.

The inspirations for February’s box were Adoring, Hearts, Sexy, Indulgent and Confident.

Here is the card which will showcase what products they included.

Let’s take a closer look at everything they included!

So many things! And so many things we LOVED! Because Jill and I love this box so much, we’ll review this one together!

JewelryStorm Endless Arrow Ring ($28)

Lauren: Jill and I spent perhaps too much of our time discussing this ring when we saw it in spoilers. Jill was very much looking forward to it and I was very meh about it. Then we spent time discussing whether it was a midi ring (to wear above the middle knuckle bone) or whether it was a regular ring. As you can see, despite my giant knuckles, I was able to get it over my knuckle. It’s also a bit adjustable since the arrow design is open in the middle which helps a lot.

Jill: I love this ring so much, despite its hilariously tiny size. I am shocked that Lauren was able to get it that far down on her finger, because it is pinky-sized for me (and even that’s a stretch). It sparkles like crazy and looks much better in person than it does on-screen!

Beautycounter Nourishing Cleansing Balm ($50) 

Lauren: Beautycounter gets major points for packaging! I love the bow around the little spatula and muslin cloth that you are supposed to use with the product. I’m impressed that they would include a product with this value in a monthly box! This almost feels like something that would be in a special edition box! When I tried it, the balm itself is kind of hard, which makes you grateful for the spatula they include. The formula is INCREDIBLY moisturizing, which makes me think that this would be great for people with dry skin but also really good for people with mature skin. I’m not sure if I will be using the regularly, but I am going to set this aside in my beauty closet to try again when my skin is a bit more calm.

Jill: I totally agree, this is the kind of product I expect from a more expensive special edition box! We lucked out. As someone who has dry skin, I also agree with Lauren’s assessment that it’s good for folks like me. We’re deep in the heart of winter at the moment and my skin is SO DRY. This balm felt so good on my face and it left my skin so soft.

Fringe Studio Hello Beautiful Square Tray ($14)

Lauren: Hands down, this is my favorite item in this month’s box. I had been on the lookout for a pretty bowl/little tray that I could put on my desk at work when I take off my rings to put on lotion. I also have a little bottle of cuticle oil I keep there, so I wanted something small and pretty and this is PERFECT.

Jill: This dish is so cute. I love little pieces like this that look good when empty but also serve as a vessel to toss my jewelry in when I am just too lazy to put it away properly. The gold text shimmers wildly and the glass seems high quality to me, it might even withstand a terrifying moment when I accidentally knock it off a table, which is inevitable.

Tilo Heart Print Scarf ($125)

Lauren: When I saw this scarf in the spoilers, I was pretty ho-hum about it until I got it and felt it. Holy. Crap. This is the SOFTEST scarf I have ever felt in my whole life. Now I want to wear it with everything. And I think I can! While they ostensibly sent it for Valentine’s Day, I think I could wear this whenever. This is definitely a high-end scarf. I’m shocked that it’s in this $40 box.

Jill: It’s becoming a trend this month that we agree on everything in this box! I thought the hearts were silly when I saw spoilers, but the fabric more than makes up for it. It’s ridiculously soft and fluffy. This is another item that really elevates this box into luxury territory.

Foodstirs Heart Cookie Mix ($12.95)

Lauren: I never love it when boxes send food products- unless that food product involves cookies. In that case, I’m all in. This kit includes everything you need except an egg and butter to make some cute V-Day cookies! I was also interested to learn more about Foodstirs, which is a baking subscription box starting at $25/month.

Jill: This is the first I’m hearing of this so-called Foodstirs box, which sounds like something my husband would go crazy over. I will have to check it out because I love this cookie mix! The packaging is adorable and I love the idea of fancy mixes that require almost no effort.

Victoria’s Secret Coconut Milk Hydrating Body Lotion ($18)

Lauren: I am excited to receive a lotion from Victoria’s Secret because it’s been a while since I’ve used their products. I love the scent, Coconut Milk. While I don’t love coconut flavored food, I do like the scent sometimes. And while this might sound like a negative thing, this reminds me of a very specific suntan lotion I used as a kid and LOVED. Do you remember those colorful Zinc Oxide sunblocks? I loved those so much Bc they were fun to put on and I also loved the smell so much! So I am glad I can get a nice flashback to that with a lotion!

Jill: This lotion is great, but the smell is SUPER coconutty. I will definitely set this aside to enjoy over the summer when I will blend in with tourists and beach goers, but it will absolutely get used because the formula is great!

Victoria’s Secret Sport Socks 

Lauren: I was really excited to see a $20 Victoria’s Secret gift card along with some sporty socks! I had needed some sporty socks so these came at a great time! Also, I was really excited to see $20 I could spend at Victoria’s Secret on anything, without a minimum amount that you have to spend before you can use the card. It’s an actual gift card! Wooo!

Jill: I am not really a fan of Victoria’s Secret, but I can always go for some free underwear. These socks are perfect for the gym, can’t complain at all!

Final Grade: A+

We are just THRILLED with this month’s POPSUGAR Must Have box! The value of this box came out to $267.95 which is insane for a $40/month. We can’t wait to use everything we got this month!

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