I had always read other reviews about Rockbox (use code laurengbff5!) but I had never actually tried it for myself! A friend of mine (Hi Jenna!) gave me a code to try Rocksbox for a month free and I thought, hey, why not?

So, what’s Rocksbox? Essentially, Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription! For $19/month, you will receive 3 pieces of designer jewelry that you can wear for the month and then send back for the next month. Or if you really like one of the pieces, you receive a credit of $10 off if you want to buy and keep something!

When you first sign up for Rocksbox, you will take a style quiz to help your stylist determine your style. You also have the opportunity to fill out your wish list so your stylist can see which pieces you would choose for yourself. I was really surprised to see a lot of Kendra Scott available to choose from, though I guess I shouldn’t be TOO surprised because this IS designer jewelry. I just didn’t happen to be familiar with most of the other designers. So after that, I was very excited to receive my first box!

This adorable box comes in a plastic mailer envelope that you can save and use to send back the jewelry postage-free at the end of the month!

I just adore this packaging!

Here are the cards you will receive. One of the cards is a welcome message from the CEO and Co-Founder of Rocksbox, Meaghan Rose, who says she started Rocksbox because she loves wearing new jewelry but was tired of buying pieces that she only wore once or twice. Makes sense. Another card gave instructions on how you can leave feedback for your stylist in order to receive better pieces next time.

Here is everything I received! At face value, they look a lot like pieces I would choose myself but I wasn’t TOTALLY overwhelmed. I’ll go into more detail below.
Moon & Lola Starlett Studs in Gold ($42): These are my favorites in the box! They are small and delicate and also really shiny. Would I pay $42 for them? Probably not. But I’ll enjoy wearing these for a few weeks. I hadn’t heard of Moon & Lola before but after browsing the web, I saw that they have some cute stuff, so I am going to keep my eye on them.

Gorjana Taner Split Necklace ($56)I didn’t HATE this necklace but I also didn’t LOVE it and I surely do not think it’s worth $56. I’ve bought similar necklaces from Baublebar for half the price for sure. However, similar to Moon & Lola, I am going to keep an eye on Gorjana jewelry because I saw they had some pretty pieces also. 


Sophie Harper Pave X Ring ($38): Now, I LOVED this ring. The only problem was that it was slightly the wrong size to fit on any of my fingers just right. Slightly too small to wear on my pointer finger but too big for my ring finger. I’m bummed because I really do love this style of ring. I’m still not totally sure I would pay $38 for it but that is also the beauty of this box! You can get pieces like this without paying the full price.

Final Grade: B

I was impressed with my first Rocksbox but I think there is definitely room for improvement. I look forward to wearing the earrings and wish I could wear the ring. I’m not sure if I will wear the necklace or not but I was grateful for the opportunity to try this box!

If you want to check out Rocksbox, my referral code laurengbff5 to try it for yourself!

A self-proclaimed beauty junkie/hoarder with a serious Sephora problem. After years with Birchbox, she now has a subscription box problem as well. Her free time is a mixed combination of cats, TV, and finally trying to figure out how to do her hair.

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