Birchbox and I started out a little rocky a few years back, but lately they have been absolutely nailing it! I’ve been really enjoying every box…until this one (uh-oh). How is it possible to get a box just so very wrong for me? Sigh. It was bound to happen.

A little about Birchbox before I dive into what I received this month: Each box is full of deluxe, high-end samples at $10/month. They also have an online shop with full-sized versions of the samples you’ve received. Bonus, if you review the items you’ve received you can earn actual $$ to spend in the shop!


Don’t worry, it’s not all bad – the box this month was super cute! I love that they send a totally unique box design each month ( I try to stay positive). I really wanted to like everything in this box, but everything just seemed like it was curated for someone else (does that make sense?), despite having filled out a beauty profile. Ahem. Alright, let’s get on with it.


Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm by Arrow – $14 (full-sized item!): I can’t complain too much when I actually selected this item to be in my box this month, but I didn’t notice that this balm has a significant amount of castor oil in it until after I selected it. I have a sensitivity to castor oil and it destroys my lips (no joke), and was really bummed to find out that there is no way to change your selection once you’ve made it. UGH. This balm is supposed to naturally adjust to your body’s pH and deliver a subtle hue that suits your complexion. Mine turned a shade everyone understands as Barbie Pink before I wiped it off. Still, it’s a cool concept.


Seaberry Serum by Obliphica Professional – $38 for full size: This product is labeled that it is for course hair. I have the opposite of course hair, which Birchbox knows based on the previously mentioned (extremely detailed) style profile that they have on file and presumably reference when sending me boxes. If I did have course hair I’d likely enjoy the smoothing properties of this serum. Alas, it is useless to me.


Revitalizing Cleansing Oil by Whish – $30 for full size: Now, I might be acting unfairly when I say I am disappointed with this cleansing oil because I haven’t yet tried it. Unfortunately, I can’t try it because THEY SENT ME AN EMPTY CONTAINER. Birchbox, wtf? Get it together.


Body Wash in Liquid Freud by Not Soap, Radio – $16 for full size: For those of us who received an entire set of these body washes from the January Popsugar box, you would know how gross they smell and how having yet another bottle of this was a big disappointment. That said, this particularly scent was the least bad of all of them. Seriously though, how did this brand get into so many subscription boxes and when will it end?


Mini Polish in That’s My Jam by Color Club – $8.30 (received full size!): Eh, I’m so overloaded with gorgeous Julep polish that I really don’t want a mini bottle of something in a boring color. I do know I can easily gift this to a pal and they will be very happy, so there’s that.

Final Rating: C

I did not enjoy this box, but at least I know that next month’s Birchbox will be way better. It’s exactly my luck that the one item I would have used was an error item and sent empty. C’est la vie, I suppose. They did send multiple full-sized items, which is always unexpected and always appreciated, so I can’t be that upset. Worth $10? Unsure. But I’d say overall Birchbox is a net win for sure.

Click here to check out Birchbox – worry not, most months are way better than this one!




Post contains affiliate links; I purchased this box, all opinions are my own.



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2 Comments on Birchbox – February 2016 – Jill’s Box

  1. Melanie M
    February 26, 2016 at 7:44 am (2 years ago)

    I received the EXACT same box as you! I feel quite confident we don’t have the same profile 😉 Sometimes I feel like they actually send everybody the exact same samples in a year, they just change the mix that occurs in each month for groups of people.

  2. Angela
    February 26, 2016 at 7:55 am (2 years ago)

    I got almost the same box but I really liked it. It’s funny how different things work for different people, hence, member profile I suppose.

    It’s a shame your cleansing oil was empty because it is great. I did notice that the container wasn’t near full though. I’ve never ordered anything from Birchbox but I’m considering actually ordering that. And the hair serum is pretty good too. I have very fine hair and I used it anyway and I really liked it. One pump on damp hair makes it soft and shiny.

    Looking forward to the March box…hope it’s better for you!