This month RawSpiceBar featured Chinese spices, which is cool because I just so happen to REALLY like Chinese food (but always feel mega guilty after a big takeout order), so cooking it at home is a pretty logical next step.


Each month RBS sends you 3 super tasty themed, creative spice blends for a mere $6. The packaging is deceptively bland – what’s inside is absolutely not. Each month includes glossy recipe cards to use your new spice blends!


I am no newbie to the kitchen, so it’s really refreshing to have a subscription box that not only continues to deliver high quality product, but also never fails to send me spices that I don’t already have in my extensive spice rack. Here’s a closer look at the February Chinese Box!


Shiitake powder is definitely new to me, but I absolutely love shiitake mushrooms so I’m super intrigued. This pack is dried shiitakes, and it’s used to boost the subtle earthy umami that mushrooms oh so deliciously provide. They included a recipe for Shiitake & Broccoli Noodles that sounds like the cure to my next hangover.


Sichuan peppercorns are SO YUMMY. They’re slightly spicy but have this bright citrus pepperiness that actually makes your tongue tingle if you chew on one. It’s commonly found in Chinese cuisine and a Chinese themed box would be amiss without including a pack of these tasty berries!


I’m so glad they included this pack of Chinese five spice. I recently ran out of my own stash because I use it on more than just Chinese dishes. This blend is star anise, fennel, cassia cinnamon, cloves, and Szechuan peppercorns.

Final Rating: A

You can’t beat the quality and content for such a low price. The blends RawSpiceBar sends are so creative and tasty, plus they give you enough for quite a few uses. I’ve started planning meals around the spices they send and I’ve been super impressed by how delicious they are!

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