It’s Fabletics time again! Since my interest in spin has become more than a passing fancy, I’m excited to get another Fabletics outfit. Because it doesn’t matter how much I like my spin class, I will always like getting new clothes better.

You’ve probably seen the Kate Hudson commercials touting the goodness of Fabletics and I’m right there with Kate– I think the leggings and sports bras are of a similar quality of Lululemon but at a 1/3 of the cost! The regular monthly payment for Fabletics is $49.95 if you don’t skip that will get credited to your account, or you can choose an outfit from their store! They release new outfits every month, but you can also choose from older outfits as well. The great thing about Fabletics is that it’s very easy to skip months when you aren’t feeling it with no charge!

So let’s see what I got! This month’s outfit was $59.95, but the prices vary per outfit, so your cost may vary.

For $59.95, I picked out the Neema Tank in Black, Sebastian Tight in Black/Stone Jacquard and the Samana Sports Bra in Jacquard.

I really like this tank top/sports bra combo. And I actually really like this tank top more than past shirts I’ve gotten from Fabletics.
 As you see from the side, the back kind of hangs down in a flattering way, letting the sports bra peek out.

I consistently always like their leggings and sports bras, and this month is no exception. The only weird thing I’ve noticed the last few months is that the colors in the pictures on the website are kind of misleading. Last month, I thought my outfit was going to be more coral and it ended up being a bright pink, and this month, I thought this outfit was going to be more olive than grey. I don’t mind, because I love both outfits. But I was surprised both times! Here is the picture from the site. Now that I am looking at it, it looks grey, but I swear, I thought it looked sort of green before!


ANYWAY. Here is the back of the outfit. I’m wondering if i should have ordered up a size in the shirt. It might look better with a more open back, but I’ve always sized down because I’ve gotten overly BIG shirts from them in the past. I’m going to keep this size shirt, but it’s something to note.

And here is why it is always hilarious taking pictures with my husband and cats:
Modeling is hard, y’all. 🙂

Final Grade: A

I am really happy with this month’s outfit! And I am very excited to get compliments on it at the gym, which is always important. (JUST KIDDING, THE WORKING OUT IS IMPORTANT, etc.)

Click here if you are interested in signing up for Fabletics! Your first outfit is $25 and that is a bargain!

Purchased; All opinions are my own.
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