I just got back from a few weeks in the lovely Mediterranean and waiting for me when I got back was my highly-anticipated February Hamptons Lane box! So pardon the tardiness in this review, but some things are worth waiting for. This month Hamptons Lane truly outdid themselves when they curated what is now officially my favorite box of all time.

A little about Hamptons Lane: This monthly box includes high-end kitchen/food/gourmet items based on a monthly theme (but you can always skip that month or replace that month’s box with another). They also allow you to preview the box before deciding to purchase it (seriously amazing). It costs $47, and when you see what’s in this month’s box you’ll understand why it’s such a steal!


This month’s box was A Taste of Thailand! Thai food is one of my absolute favorites, and after spending some time in Thailand a few years back I’ve become quite enamored by Thai cooking. I’m terrible at it, but that doesn’t stop me from trying and my husband chokes it down when I make noodles for him. Something tells me this box is going to make both of our lives a lot easier. Let’s see what we got this month! 


First, each box contains a great color book detailing what’s in the box, why you should love it, and a bunch of recipes to help you use the products you’ve received. I already have big plans to make every recipe included this month!


Hand-Hammered Carbon Steel Wok by Hamptons Lane – $35.00: That’s right, they sent us all a wok. A real, actual, beautiful wok. It’s lightweight, carbon steel and it’s exactly the tool I’ve needed to elevate my kitchen. I am SO EXCITED to use this. Not only that, but the booklet detailed exactly how to season and care for it! If you’ve never used a wok before, they’re amazing for sautees and stir-fries, and this one is a whopping 14″. Hamptons Lane had this wok designed and built especially for them from an esteemed manufacturer.



Wok Ring by Hamptons Lane – $8.00: This metal wok ring is the same hand-hammered carbon steel as the wok, and is meant to be used on top of your stovetop burner to stabilize and balance the wok while giving it optimal heat distribution. The holes along the side allow the flame to travel up the sides of the wok, which is exactly what you need to use it. This is the kind of item that is so thoughtful that it really sets Hamptons Lane apart from other kitchen boxes.


Jade Sichuan Peanut Sauce by TLA Pacific Kitchen Inc. – $13.00: This sauce is all-natural, award-winning, and mega tasty. A blend of sweet, spicy, and tart, it contains peanuts and spices to elevate any Thai dish.


Green Curry Sauce by Thaifusions Co. – $17.00: Speaking of yummy sauces, this green curry is the one I’m most looking forward to using! Created by a critically-acclaimed chef (Toi Borthwick), this sauce has been featured in Bon Appetit and Travel + Leisure. It might be worth noting that all the sauces I received are full-sized bottles!


Best in the World Red Boat Fish Sauce by Viet Phu Inc. – $9.00: I had literally just run out of this exact fish sauce the day before I saw spoilers for this box. Talk about good timing. There’s a reason it’s award-winning and considered the best of the best. Of all the fish sauces I’ve ever tried, this one is packed with crazy rich, dimensional flavor and is truly authentic.


Organic Pad Thai Noodles by King Soba – $4.00: What Thai box would be complete without pad thai noodles? These brown rice flour noodles are super versatile and the perfect thing to get acquainted with my new wok. They’re also fair trade, which is always preferred.

Final Rating: A+

The total retail value of this box is $86, but it cost only $47 (see? Told you it was a steal). When we first started Boxy Ladies, I never imagined I’d ever receive a proper wok in a subscription box. Hamptons Lane has exceeded all of my expectations and continues to be incredible value. I seriously cannot praise this box enough. I just received the March box (CREPES!!!) so stay tuned to see what was inside!

. Press sample received in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own
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