Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess is all about notecards and different paper products and since I love snail mail and fun prints, this is the perfect box for me! I love that I always have the perfect card on hand for almost every occasion.

I pay $15/month because I signed up for a 12 month commitment because that is a total STEAL for how many cards and products you receive.. However, if you have cold feet, you can sign up for a 6 month commitment for $18/month or just pay month-to-month for $20/month.

Check out what I got this month!


A Sunday Well Spent Mini-Poster: I was a little disappointed about the mini poster in December’s Happy Mail box, but I love this one! Although my first impulse is to color it (I have a problem) it actually works really well with the black and white prints I’m collecting for my future gallery wall.

Thinking Of You Card: This is one of the only mildly Spring-related cards in this month’s box but that’s OK. I like the colors and the umbrellas are adorable.

Bee Card: I LOVE the color mint, I love gold foil, and Baublebar is making me think I need insect jewelry, so I’m pretty much all about this card. It’s not the best picture in the world but I wanted you all to see the gold foil! If I send this to you, I must really like you.
You’re Pretty Postcard: This postcard reminds me of this joke I used to have with a friend, when one of us would say, “You’re pretty!” And the other one would respond, “Awww! I know.” I love the block letters, and the colors are fun.

Favorite Person Card: Awwww! I mean, I’m obviously going to be giving this one to my husband because he’s totally my favorite person. The colors are fun… I’m sensing a theme, because so many of the cards I like this month have the mint color and I love it. Husband might be getting this card on his backpack after I finish this post. 🙂

Thank You Card: Everyone needs a thank you card and it sure does help when they are cute. I love the watercolor letters and bright colors.

Hello There Card: Ohhhh I think this might be my favorite card in the bunch. I love the font, I love the roses in the back and I love the sort of juxtaposition of the traditional and modern. I seriously might keep this one but if I send it to you, that means that I really, really like you.

Bicycle Card: The inside says, “Good luck on your next adventure!” I’m going to be honest, I’m probably going to keep this for myself. I think it’s adorable and I have been spinning like crazy, so I think this will be cute hanging up on my cube wall.

Happy Everything Card: Have you noticed that everything has a holiday literally every day? Is it necessary? I don’t know, but I live every day like it’s National Cat Day and National Cookie Day. This is pretty cute.

Let’s Grab A Drink Card: I like this card, but the inside says, “Let’s get a drink!” But if I send someone a card, it’s probably not super easy for us to get a drink! Like, “Hey Jill! Let’s have a drink… next year.” Haha.

You’ve Been My __________ Card: This is a cute card that could be used for friendship as well as a boyfriend/husband. I like that you can fill in the blanks! Though depending on how long you’ve known someone, that math could get complicated. 🙂

Planner Stickers: They send these stickers which I have only assumed were planner stickers and I sort of have started putting them in my planner but they don’t really do anything for me. I just feel like I have them so I might as well use them.

Forecast Notepad: Forecast on my forecast notepad: 100% chance of adorable. Heyo! Mint is up there in my fave colors and I always write myself notes at work.

Final Grade: B+

This is still one of my favorite subscriptions but I really wish they would send some seasonally appropriate cards! I would love an easter/bunny card, or literally anything Spring themed. BUT… what I am learning is that is just par for the Happy Mail course, so I can’t really hold it against them. They never promised that, I just assumed they would because it makes sense.

If you’d like to subscribe to Happy Mail by ABM, click this link!

Purchased; All opinions are my own.


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