On the last night of our recent vacation, my husband and I realized how much we loved crepes (we’re apparently late learners). We excitedly decided to try our hand at making crepes at home as soon as we returned, listing out filling combinations and drooling over our future cooking ventures. Little did we know that our fate had already been sealed, because waiting for us when we returned was the latest Hamptons Lane –  The Crepe Box!!! Seriously, what are the odds.


Hamptons Lane is a monthly box of high-end kitchen/food/gourmet items based on a monthly theme (this month is crepes, obviously). Check out what’s inside the box before deciding to purchase that month, you can always skip a box or replace that month’s box with another. At  $47 a pop it’s kind of a steal considering everything you get (I have been seriously impressed so far).


Since neither of us have ever tried to make legit crepes before, the recipe booklet came in handy this month. Each box has them, but often I find myself winging recipes using the contents instead of following the tasty looking recipes they give us. Since I’m an unexperienced crepe-maker, I am super grateful for this book! Here’s what was packed in this month’s box: 


French Blue Steel Crepe Pan by De Buyer – $25.00: This is now the second high-quality cooking pan I have gotten from Hamptons Lane and I LOVE IT. It’s blue carbon steel, so over time with proper care and seasoning it’s going to be a pan I can use for a very, very long time. The feel of this pan is incredible – it’s weighted properly and it’s got some heft. This is the kind of pan where the more you use it the better it becomes.


Wooden Crepe Spreader by Berndes – $13.00: The secret to a perfect crepe is this little wooden tool right here – it allows you spread batter quickly and evenly without tearing or pulling the crepe, allowing for a perfectly thin crepe! Plus, this one is sized perfectly to be used with the crepe pan they included.


French Style Crepe Mix by Bear Branch Milling Co. – $8.00: What crepe box would be complete without a mix to actually make the crepes? As a novice, I’m not trying to dive in head first and make my own crepes from scratch, so a mix is much appreciated. This all-natural mix was made especially for Hamptons Lane!


Handmade Dark Chocolate Caramel Sauce by CC Made – $7.00: Hello, my name is Jill and I am a chocoholic. I’ve never understood people who don’t care for chocolate. Given the choice, I’d rather eat 70% dark chocolate over just about any other sweet. This sauce is not only high-quality dark chocolate but is balanced with a hint of sel gris (YUM) for complexity. Brian would literally put Nutella on all of this food if left to his own devices, so this is a nice substitute that we can both enjoy on our crepes.


Award-Winning Orange Saffron Cardamom Marmalade by Eat This – $12.00: I loooove spiced jams. A lot of jams you get in the supermarket are very flat and boring, one fruit with one flavor (and way too sugary). This jam is so flavorful and uniquely seasoned that it’s almost like a chutney in that you could use it on both sweet and savory crepes and it would go perfectly with whatever it’s paired with. Plus it won AllRecipes.com’s Condiment Smackdown, so that’s pretty cool!


Authentic Herbes de Provence by The Spice House – $5.00: Herbes de Provence is as classic of a French herb blend as it gets, and tastes amazing on eggs (and crepes) in particular. It’s such a pleasant blend that subtly elevates dishes. This blend is a mix of rosemary, French thyme, tarragon, basil, savory, fennel, lavender, marjoram, oregano, dill, and chervil. Seriously, how delicious does that all sound?

Final Rating: A
Hamptons Lane has once again impressed me. Between the quality of the items they send, the value you get for the price ($70 worth of products for $47 including shipping), and how creative the boxes are (not to mention how I want to use every single thing they included), Hamptons Lane is topping my personal favorite boxes list. I just got word that next month’s box is a pizza themed box, which I can’t wait for!

Click here to check out Hamptons Lane (you won’t regret it)!





Received this box in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links.

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