Sometimes it’s hard to grab the Target Beauty Boxes because these little guys sell out so fast! When Target first started releasing their Target Beauty Boxes, the timing seemed random, so you’d never really know when another one is coming out. Now, they seem to be releasing them consistently at the beginning of the month, making for a nice monthly box. If only they would start a subscription! Instead, you should sign up for our emails because we’ll let you know when they go on sale. We are good like that. And thanks to reader Betty Johnson Harmon for the head’s up this month! Here is the box and corresponding info card. This also came with a $3 Target coupon. I could use one of those any day of the week. The cost of this month’s box was $7. (SUCH a bargain.)

Let’s evaluate what they sent!

 Here’s everything we got this month. And what a bounty for just $7!

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes $4.49: I’m a fan of facial wipes for makeup remover. I have tried oils and liquids and nothing gets mascara off better than a wipe, I swear. I used these recently when I traveled and i was pleasantly surprised at how well these removed my favorite Revlon ColorStay Overtime long-wear lipstick. (Which won’t budge for hours, or days if we are honest.) Sometimes I really have to scrub, and these worked great. They also didn’t irritate my eyes or the rest of my skin like some other wipes have done in the past. I am a fan!

COVERGIRL Colorlicious Lipstick ($5.79): Yay! This was my favorite item in the box! I have been thinking about regular lipsticks a lot lately and how I want to revisit a simpler time, with regular lipstick. No gloss, no matte, no satin– just a regular lipstick. Then this lipstick showed up at my door. I wasted approximately 3 seconds before I put it on. I ended up really liking it! Tantalize is a pretty, bright but wearable berry. I’m in.

Check out the swatch!

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Ultra Light ($9.99/full-size): I couldn’t be happier to receive this the week before I am supposed to go to an all-day music festival. This little guy is coming with me. I’m looking forward to seeing how light it is, because I hate the feeling of greasy sunscreen.

Marlowe Body Butter ($9.99/full-size): My hands are dry as the desert (my poor cuticles) so it’s always great to have little tubes of lotion around. This didn’t have a particularly good scent… not bad but also not nothing. This is fine for my hands.

Laneige Water Bank Soothing Gel Mask ($24/full-size): Laneige consistently puts out amazing products, so I can’t wait for a night when I can really relax, put on this mask and scare the crap out of Matt. I love sheet masks. He doesn’t.

Pantene Air Spray ($5.99/full-size): This went into my gym bag with the quickness. Somehow with my stash, I didn’t end up with a travel hairspray. I’m hoping this will be a decent one, at least for days when I’m getting ready in a locker room. I’m not asking too much.

CeraVe Healing Ointment ($21.99/full-size): I have already used this a few times on my aforementioned poor, dry cuticles and it felt really nice. It’s kind of like their version of Vaseline.

Maybelline Dream Velvet Gel-Whipped Foundation: We also got a sample of Maybelline foundation, and while it was the complete wrong color, that didn’t matter to me from a sample point of view. I just didn’t love the consistency, so at least I know not to buy it. This also had a coupon on the back.

Final Grade: A+

I loved everything in this box, so I was fired up that I was able to buy one. These things sell so fast, so if you want to get in on these with us, sign up for our emails! We’ll tell you when they go on sale so you can get one that day!

Purchased; All opinions are my own
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