It’s Popsugar time again! This month Popsugar introduced the Popsugar Mini box (woooo!!) so they were a little late in getting the regular Must Have box out (booooo!!!). Doesn’t matter – this was one of my favorite Popsugar boxes in a while!


Popsugar Must Have is a monthly subscription box that comes packed with awesome lifestyle and beauty products. It’s definitely topping our list of favorite subscriptions, primarily because not only are the products high-quality and interesting, but the retail value of the items generally totals 3-4 times the price of the box. It’s always a joint favorite of ours, so Lauren and I will review this one together! Let’s get to it.


Field Poppy Conservatories Hand Cream by Royal Apothic – $24.00

Jill: This was one of the teaser spoilers that Popsugar released and I knew it was going to be a great box. I LOVE Royal Apothic! They have great creams, super moisturizing and always smell amazing. This one has notes of fig, tea, jasmine, lily, moss, and leaf (whatever that means), but all you need to know is that it smells wonderful. Also, the bottle is huge!


I’m also really loving this trend where companies are including a little tool to extract every last drop of product from tubes. Dr. Jart+ started this recently and I’ve been able to get so much more product out of my Ceramidin cream! Always a sucker for packaging, I loved how this tool had the Royal Apothic logo embossed on it.

Lauren: I just realized that the eye cream I’ve been using is Royal Apothic. I’m picky about eye creams but I received that one in a subscription box and actually liked it. Though I don’t see it anywhere on their site, so I’m not sure they are selling it anymore. Anyway, I love receiving hand creams and based on Jill’s review, I think I’m really going to like this one! And it smells amazing.


Cravings: Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Tiegen – $29.99

Jill: I find Chrissy Teigen hilarious and I seriously relate to her obsession with food. If I were to write a cookbook it would look a lot like this one. It’s a solid mix of junk food and comfort food, with a sprinkling of healthy food disguised as junk or comfort food. The recipes are pretty easy and approachable, and she includes funny stories about her life, including hubby John Legend. I already have like 10 recipes I am determined to make soon.

Lauren: Like Jill, I love Chrissy Teigen. I love that her job on Lip Sync Battle is “Colorful Commentary.” Why can’t I get that job? I was born for that role. I’ve been training for it my whole life! While I’m not the chef of the family, I’ve been really interested in buying this cookbook because of the great recipes I’ve read she was including. She’s a model but a model that likes to eat. So she loves things that taste great but also remembers that she is a model, so there are healthy options also. She also pays homage to her roots with some tasty asian dishes. I need to remind Matt that we need to try something in there soon!



Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm by Farmacy – $48.00

Jill: Usually Popsugar sends out select spoilers of the big ticket items, but this month they kept this one a secret. This is the same brand that made lip balm in the Popsugar Mini box and had equally pretty packaging. I’ve been dabbling with night creams and night masks ever since I discovered how amazing Julep’s Night Shift night mask is, and this is actually really similar. I’ve only used it once but my skin was noticeably tighter, softer, and more even in tone when I woke up.

Lauren: I liked this stuff OK. It is a lot greasier than what I like to typically wear to bed. But it’s also possible that a little goes a long way. I’m still figuring out the best way to use this product, but it’s a gel-oil, that you are supposed to rub between your hands to warm before using on your face. This may be a product that is best for me to use in the winter, when my skin is more dry. Texas didn’t really get a winter this year, so my skin hasn’t needed the extra moisture it normally needs.



Flour Sack Tea Towel in Lemons by Noon Design Shop – $18.00

Jill: I would never pay $18 for a tea towel, but that is exactly why I love receiving that kind of thing in subscription boxes. This cotton towel supposedly gets better and better the more you use and wash it, but I have no idea how that works. What I do know is that I love having more towels around the kitchen and this one is adorable and soft!

Lauren: LOL $18 for a dish towel. LOL again. That said, i’s definitely super cute, and will be used!


Tinware Salt & Pepper Shakers by Canvas Home – $12.00

Jill: I don’t need yet another set of salt and pepper shakers, but these are cute enough to gift! This vintage-inspired set is hand-glazed and looks straight out of Martha Stewart’s kitchen.

Lauren: Unlike Jill, we only have one pair of salt and pepper shakers so it might be good to have a cute set for when we entertain. Speaking of which, we really need to entertain. I need to get on that.


Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans by Next by Nature – $3.99

Jill: This box never ends, there is so much stuff this month! I looooove chocolate covered espresso beans, and the addition of dark chocolate makes them even better.

Lauren: I forgot I had these but I’m going to eat them asap. For a gal that spent most of her pre-degree years working in one coffee shop or another, I’m not sure I’ve ever tried them. I’m going to bring them to work. I wonder if they will give me some extra pep in my step.


BONUS! Gift Card to Bloom That – $20.00

Jill: I love bonus items, especially when they are in the form of a gift card! I’ve never used this company before for a flower delivery, but I will totally check them out the next time I send someone flowers.

Lauren: I send flowers a lot, so this is great, especially for around Mother’s Day! Even if not, $20 can be almost half or a third of the price of a bouquet (sending flowers is expensive, y’all) so this will go a long way!

FInal Rating: A

Jill: I found this to be a very Jill-centric box. Tons of kitchen and skin items that I loved, plus a bonus gift card! The total retail value of this one is $156.00, which is crazy high this month. I am so excited for the new night balm, and the cookbook and hand cream were standouts for me this month. I haven’t been this floored by a box in a while!

Lauren: As Jill said, this is a total Jill box. Not that I don’t appreciate them. I’m definitely fired up to try some Chrissy Teigan recipes and I’m interested in trying the Farmacy night balm a little more, to see if I figure out how to use it best.

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Jill & Lauren

All opinions are my own, I purchased this box.
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