OK, I admit it. I have a problem. I have a new addiction and it’s buying workout clothes. This goes hand-in-hand with my other addiction, which is spin class at Zyn22 in Fort Worth. I haven’t taken any other spin classes but from what I understand, Zyn22 is similar to SoulCycle. At Zyn22, you pedal to the beat of the music. The music is usually blaring loud dance versions of hip hop and pop music. When I’m listening to music that loud, sometimes I forget that there is sweat dripping off of my face from all the pedaling/choreography/arm weights. I go to the class with several of my friends and most of us agree that half the fun is a cute pair of leggings and a fun top. That’s where Fabletics helps me.

This outfit:

I love these leggings. At first, they reminded me a bit of Rifle Paper Co flowers, but in person they are sort of bright bursts. Either way, I love them. And even cooler, one of the spin instructors was also wearing them when I was also wearing them when I went to spin at 6:30 a.m. (So. Early.) last Friday. We high fived.


I have the Dash sports bra in coral in a different outfit I got a few months ago so I thought I would get it in white for this outfit that I kind of made up. I definitely like the bra but I’m not sure I’m sold on the shirt. If you remember, I got it in black for this outfit last month and after wearing it, I wasn’t sure that it showed the detailing in the back where it kind of hangs in the back. It’s fine, but I decided to size up with the white tank, and now I think that it’s too big. Of course, I realized this after I had cut off all the tags, so I can’t send back. Future Lauren is going to be better about that, especially with the tops. Fabletics has a great return policy, so this was all on me. I’m just going to be more careful in the future, especially with the Fabletics tops, since I’m sort of “meh” on most of them. However, I do love their leggings and bras, so I’m still going to continue to buy outfits!

You can see the detailing in the back now but you can also see that it looks really big! Looks good from the front, though. I’m definitely into the bra and leggings though.

This outfit:

This was my favorite outfit of the two. I love the Snapdragon Bra and matching Salar Crop leggins. My friend Alex asked if I was wearing w bodysuit! Haha. I even really liked the Penny Tank! It’s s little more body-conscious but it’s not skin tight like full-on spandex. I felt comfortable wearing it not only to the gym but my errands afterwards. (Yes, Starbucks counts as an errand! Man, I’m such a yuppie- spin class + Starbucks. I love it.)

I loved these leggings so much and they fit me so well!

Matt and I tend to laugh a lot when we are taking pictures. After we’ve taken a few serious ones, I try to do things that will make him laugh, so we always end up with a ton of ridiculous pictures. I wish I could share the Apple “Live Pictures” on the blog because I think y’all would laugh, too. ?

Final Rating: A

Even though I ended up not being crazy about the white top, I loved everything else, so I’m giving this month an A. I bought some other leggings and tops from Athleta so I am probably going to skip the May outfit, but that is what’s so great about Fabletics– so easy to skip!

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