This month’s Raw Spice Bar was really interesting. Each month has 3-4 delicious, interesting spice blends (for just $6!!), but this month was really cool. I’ve generally had at least a little experience cooking each month’s cuisine, but this month was almost totally new to me. I’ve had Afghan food in the past, but I have never attempted cooking it.


Raw Spice Bar teamed up with Rumi Spice this month, which is a company founded by US veterans that helps create a supply of high-quality, sustainably farmed saffron from rural Afghan farmers in place of opium. How cool is that? If you’ve ever tried to buy saffron in the US you’ll know that it isn’t cheap. The amount of saffron they included in this pack is probably a lifetime supply for me, so that’s amazing. In addition to the saffron there were two spice blends: a lamb rub and an Afghan pulao spice blend, both of which are used in the featured recipe this month, Afghan kabuli pulao. 


If you’ve never had kabuli pulao, you should head to your local Afghan restaurant and order some. It’s a lamb pilaf dish that is also pretty much synonymous with Afghan cooking and is amazing combination of nuts, dried fruit, and spicy meat. I’m really looking forward to trying to make it. I would have thought it’d be tough to make, but this recipe is fairly straightforward. We’ll see.

They also included a recipe for saffron ginger tea with cinnamon and honey, which sounds so delicious I might just have to give it a try.

I want to specifically mention how much I love that they include glossy recipe cards each month, it helps when I inevitably smear something on them while cooking to able to just wipe them clean. That might not be a big deal for someone who is going to throw them out after, but I tend to hold on to them if the dish comes out really well.

Final Rating: A

Raw Spice Bar is always so interesting and only costs $6, so it’s hard to rate it below an A each month. I am stoked about the saffron and moderately easy recipe for lamb kabuli pulao, I am definitely going to take a stab at making it this week!

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