Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess is all about notecards and different paper products and since I love snail mail and fun prints, this is the perfect box for me! I love that I always have the perfect card on hand for almost every occasion.

I pay $15/month because I signed up for a 12 month commitment because that is a total STEAL for how many cards and products you receive.. However, if you have cold feet, you can sign up for a 6 month commitment for $18/month or just pay month-to-month for $20/month.

Sorry for the late review of the April box, but, you know, I got busy!

Anyway, check out what I got this month!

I’m always amazed by how much they jam in there.

Have More Fun print: I LOVE how fun this! It makes me want to have more fun. Maybe I will. Stay tuned.

Tender Hearts Club card: This is a cute card but it’s one of those cards that I think I could really only give to Matt and I’m sort of like… why? Sometimes I do wish they would send more cards I could give/send to more people. You know what, I might just send this to Jill to confuse her.

Today Is Your Day card: This is a cute card you can use for congrats, or just anytime. 

Ice Cream Card: The inside says, “Things I’m Craving: You, You, You, Ice Cream, You. As someone who really likes ice cream, I can appreciate this card.

Graphic postcard: This is a fairly basic postcard but I like the modern look of it.

Fruit Loops card: The inside says, “Easy like Saturday morning.” This is a fun, colorful card but kind of random, right? 

Better Things Ahead card: I like this card. It definitely works for friends going through bad times or just encouraging someone.

Clapping card: The inside says, “You did it!” And it’s great for those times when someone needs a little congrats.

Good Morning card: Now this is a cute card that I could give to Matt. I like to leave him notes sometimes, and this will work so well.

Treat Yo’Self card: This worked so well for a friend’s birthday recently. I’m a huge Parks and Rec fan, so the Treat Yo Self joke is always appreciated.

It’s All Good card: This is a great anytime card.

Stickers: These are fun stickers I might use in my planner, so I’m excited.

Pink Gift Tags and Lavender Washi Tape: I like these fun little extras. I always forget I have extra gift tags, so maybe at some point I will remember. And I like having sparkly, pretty tape around, too. So maybe I will also remember to use that.

Final Grade: A

This was a decent month. It didn’t OVERWHELM me, but there were a lot of good cards. This whole month was kind of like that last card, “It’s all good.” It IS all good. But is it great? Ehhhhh maybe not. But I LOVE that “Have More Fun” print, so now I am off, presumably to have more fun.

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