Welcome to the May Allure Beauty Box! Here’s a spoiler alert for you… this is one of the best beauty boxes I have ever gotten. I always say the Allure Beauty Box is the best beauty subscription box for your buck, and here we are. The Allure Beauty Box is $15/month, which is $5 more than Birchbox, Ipsy and Play! by Sephora, but the Allure Beauty Box is so much better, in my opinion.

But let’s get on with the review of the May Allure Beauty Box and see why I’m so fired up!

I love Allure’s Mini Mag, which always breaks down all the products in the box for me and helps me understand how to use everything!

Foreo Luna Play ($39- FULL SIZE!): Y’all, I can’t believe I received a Foreo product in a beauty box. This baby is like $40 and in a $15 box? Yes please! I have a Clarisonic, but I’ve always kind of wandered by the Foreo display longingly, wondering what their products were like. Now I don’t have to wonder anymore! This is sort of a little introduction to their line of rechargeable facial cleansing tools, as you only get 100 uses out of this guy. The first time I used it, I thought it was on a timer so I just kept cleaning… and cleaning… and cleaning… and finally I called uncle and had to stop. Turns out there is no timer, and I just washed my face for a really long time. I wonder if I will now have fewer than 100 uses now. Haha. (It helps to read directions before you just rip a product out of its container and start rubbing it on your face.)

See how adorable this is??? It worked well but… I couldn’t help but think of this $6 cleaning pad from Sephora. You heard me. SIX DOLLARS. You can thank me later for telling you about this beauty secret. I was obsessed with these a few years ago. I had one at Matt’s, one in my shower and one by my sink. I had three of them and that’s still less than half the price of this Foreo Luna Play. The Foreo Luna Play is hard and so it’s kind of difficult to navigate around your nose and stuff. And while it definitely vibrated, I wasn’t sure how much it mattered. Seriously, before you invest in a Foreo, drop the $6 on the little cleaning pad first. In the worst case scenario, you can clean your eye shadow brushes on it.

As I touched on before, you can only get 100 uses out of this, which may not make it the best investment. I think it’s great for trying a product you may not want to invest hundreds in, but even then, I’d rather try the full-size tool, and put my money there first and then return it if it doesn’t work. (I’m sorry I return so many things, Sephora.) Either way, I am really glad I got to try it in this box. 🙂

Foreo Day Cleanser ($30/full-size)/Foreo Night Cleanser ($36/full-size): These are Foreo’s branded day and night cleansers and they are OK. They instruct you to apply on dry skin and then wet your Foreo and move it around your face to clean. I don’t have much to say about these. I tried them and they are good but I’m not over the moon about either. (My Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is still my obsession.)

Lauren B Beauty ($18- FULL SIZE!): OK, so I like it when products have my name on them. Even though my last name doesn’t start with a B, I like that it starts with “Lauren.” So we are getting bonus points right now. We are also getting points for the fact that this is a full-sized nail polish in the prettiest color ever. I do a lot of coloring at night (when not blogging) and this nail polish color is basically the same as my favorite marker color. I can’t wait to try this on.

Pixi by Petra Mini Mannelustre Lipstick ($12/full-size): I recently obtained tickets to see Gwen Stefani in August and now when I see these brown-y nude shades, they just remind me of the 90’s, where it was a simpler time when we didn’t know how to do our eyebrows properly and all wore brown lipsticks that didn’t look good with our complexions at all. This one happens to look decent on me, but it’s still on the browner side of what I normally wear. But I might save this for Gwen.

Here’s the swatch of the Pixi lipstick.

Equitance Brightening Serum + Spot Corrector ($125/full-size): This serum is super expensive but I am intrigued. More than the acne itself, I battle with the scars it leaves behind. (We can talk about how sad it is to be in your 30s and still getting zits another day.) But yeah, the zits are temporary. The scars are forever and ever. So I’m constantly looking for “brightening” serums that will help fade those dark marks. I will keep you posted if this works!

Cotz Flawless Complexion ($20/full-size): I’ve received this tinted sunblock in other boxes before and I like the idea of it. No one wants a face full of makeup on a sunny day, and most makeups don’t have enough SPF in them to be worth a damn. But this is an easy way to get a little bit of coverage with SPF 50. It’s def a little darker than my skintone, but it blends OK. And if I’m just hanging out with friends at the pool or something, I don’t really care. Luckily, I am not a celebrity, so I don’t have to worry about the paparazzi taking pictures of my non-matching makeup. I just have to worry about my friends judging me, but I can take it.

Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant Mascara ($24/full-size): I have been trying mascaras in vain trying to find any that live up to the hype of my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It is just the bomb.com. While this mascara doesn’t give me all the volume of the TF version, it’s not bad at all. It’s more of a natural look, but that’s good sometimes, too. I especially like the formula and the fact that it doesn’t flake, which is the worst.

Final Grade: A+++++

I loved this Allure Beauty Box so much. I got so much bang for my buck, got to try out a bunch of products I’ve always wanted to try, AND I got to try out some pricier things… the best part? I only paid $15. I totally won the subscription box lottery here, folks. Some months we win and some months we lose and that is all part of the gamble. But I’m fired up by my winning month and Allure Beauty Box still manages to reign supreme as my favorite beauty box. Seriously, why don’t they pay me? (I’ve tried.)

If you are interested in trying the Allure Beauty Box for yourself, click here to sign up! I’m literally getting nothing for telling you to do this. (To my dismay.)

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