Welcome to the review of the May Popsugar Must Have box!

Popsugar Must Have is a monthly subscription box that comes packed with awesome lifestyle and beauty products. It’s definitely topping our list of favorite subscriptions, primarily because not only are the products high-quality and interesting, but the retail value of the items generally totals 3-4 times the price of the box. It’s always a joint favorite of ours, so Jill and I will review this one together! Let’s get to it.

(I left a few things out of this picture by accident, but everything will be reviewed below.)

Gaiam Foldable Yoga Mat ($25)

Lauren: I tried to be into yoga. I REALLY DID. And I really wish that I liked it! I wish I could be like those yoga girls in their Lululemon. They seem so happy. I just totally 100% loathe yoga. I had to come to terms with it. That said, I do like to do workouts at home sometimes, and so I’m glad to have a new yoga mat. I won’t be using this all the time, so I do sort of wish I got something I would use more, but nonetheless, this isn’t the worst thing.

Jill: I know I’m in the minority here, but I have absolutely no use for a yoga mat and I’m bummed that this was one of the big ticket items this month. That said, I gave it to my sister (who loves yoga) and she was thrilled with it.

Bluma Project Capri Bracelets – Set of Two ($44)

Lauren: Like Jill, I wasn’t thrilled when I saw these in spoilers. Baublebar has been trying to push tassels on me for months now and I think they finally won because while these bracelets aren’t Baublebar, I really like them. And I’m nervous there are even more tassels in my future because I want to get more bracelets to go along with these. And it’s really cool that all the jewelry made by the Bluma Project are by artisans in developing countries. Buying bracelets like these is a fashionable way to give back a little.

Jill: I wasn’t thrilled with these when I saw the spoilers for them, but in person they are dainty and pretty! I’m not one to wear beads or tassels, but this is an exception for both. They look really cute layered with other bracelets too.

Spongellė Spongeology Body Buffer in Milk and Honey ($20)

Lauren: This sponge smells soooooo good. It doesn’t really smell like milk and honey to me but it definitely smells sweet and nice. I’m interested in trying this out! I’m weird and I don’t really like sponges in general (especially in the kitchen, ew), so I prefer a pouf to a sponge but I’ll definitely use this.

Jill: This is weirdly the one item that I was really excited for this month. Popsugar sent us a Spongelle sponge once and I loved it, so I am looking forward to trying the body buffer!

Happy Spritz Breathe Deeply ($25)

Lauren: I brought this to work to see if misting my face would help give me a little pep in the mornings/afternoons. Or basically all day. I love the way it smells: eucalyptus and peppermint. It’s the exact smell of the clean towels at my spin gym. They smell sooooo good. I always take a big inhale of the towel when I sit down on my bike. And about 10 minutes into class, that towel does NOT smell good anymore, but that’s on me. 🙂 Anyway, I am glad to have this. I never would have thought to buy it and it’s nice!

Jill: My bottle leaked a little bit during shipment and so my whole box smelled like this when I opened it. I haven’t used it yet, but I can confidently tell you that this is indeed a pick-me-up scent, especially when you get a face full of it out of nowhere. It does smell great though, and I really like the idea of an aromatherapy spritz!

Kocostar Foot Therapy ($10)

Lauren: Oh my goodness. I am SO excited about this. I have had an obsession with these Korean-type booties that help exfoliate your feet. (I have bought two different brands on Amazon, but this is my first time seeing these!) So how it works: First, you put these booties on your feet that contain different exfoliating agents for about an hour. I like to put a pair of Matt’s socks on over while I wait, so I can walk around and stuff. Then, you rinse off the exfoliating gels and… wait! It will take a few days but then your feet will definitely start peeling, revealing soft feet! I can’t wait to try this one, but I just did a different one this week, so I will wait a few weeks before I use this next one!

Jill: Lauren has told me how awesome these booties are, so I am really excited to try them. These hoofs can use a good treatment before summer, poor things have been stuck inside booties all winter long.

Revlon Volume + Length  Magnified Mascara ($8.99)

Lauren: I’ll just review this for both Jill and I because she has lash extensions. I wanted to love this mascara because it’s obviously much cheaper than the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara I love, but it JUST doesn’t compare. As you can see in the picture below, the Revlon is on the left and the Too Faced is on the right. I just get such much better results from the Too Faced.

Jill: ^^^ What she said. I never have any use for mascara because I have these awesome lash extensions, but what I will say is – why is Popsugar sending us Revlon mascara? A drugstore brand in a Must Have box? Really?

See the Revlon on the left? It just doesn’t compare to the Too Faced Better Than Sex on the right!

Jimmybar Clean Snack Bar ($2.49)

Hint Kick ($1.69)

Lauren: I’m pretty meh on these things. The snack bar was OK but I don’t tend to love them and I do like flavored water but I wish I got it in another flavor because raspberry isn’t my favorite. But that’s a personal preference. I’m interested to see if this would be an alternate for coffee? I love my iced coffee but I also wonder if this would be a bit lighter.

Jill: This box was not good enough for me to enjoy a bottle of water and a snack bar as bonus items. I’m glad I had a coupon code for this one and saved a few bucks because I am not super impressed this month.

Half Hitch Goods $10 Gift Card

PopSugar was nice enough to include a $10 gift card to Half Hitch Goods, which I had never heard of before. I would describe it as a thoughtfully version of Etsy. There are a lot of cute things, and I would point out that they had a bunch of cute baby things, too. But I didn’t see anything that grabbed me right away, so I might hold onto the gift card for a bit.

Final Grade: C

While we normally love POPSUGAR Must Have, this month was just pretty meh. Neither of us really loved anything we got but didn’t really HATE anything either. Just seemed like there should have been more.

That said, we still love POPSUGAR Must Have, so if you want to subscribe also, click here!

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