I am so happy to tell you about the newest flavor from PRiMO (and it just may be my favorite so far), and I’m even more excited to announce that PRiMO is doing a giveaway for Boxy Ladies readers! One lucky reader will win a delicious 4-pack gift box of preserves – and trust me, you’ll see why I love reviewing these tasty treats! We’ll announce the winner next week, stay tuned!

PRiMO preserves are unlike any that you’re used to. Not only are they fresh, natural, and legitimately delicious, but they each have dial cranked up a few notches with the addition of chile peppers, each paired perfectly with the fruit preserves.


The newest to the lineup is the Strawberry Ancho preserves, which is arguably my favorite so far. Anchos are dried poblano peppers, which aren’t too hot and have an amazing sweet raisin-like flavor. They’re a common pepper found in chilis and sauces, but I now know that they REALLY shine with strawberries.


One of the things I love about PRiMO is that they make their preserves by hand in small batches. I’ve said it before, but the love they put into their product really shows. The strawberry tastes like actual strawberry, not a sugary mystery fruit like most jams you’d get at a grocery store that have been made to last for years on a dusty shelf. The ingredients are simple, and you probably have them in your kitchen already. They added a little bit of habanero to give it a slight kick, but the truth is all of these preserves are on the mild side heat-wise so they’re great for just about anyone.


Brian and I love spicy food, and we can stand quite a bit of heat, but we mostly love it when the real flavor of peppers shine through, and PRiMO has mastered that in their products. When I reviewed their Berry Pasilla preserves, I mentioned how pasilla peppers were totally new to me but after trying the preserves I knew exactly what they taste like. The Strawberry Ancho is no different, the pepper flavor is just as pronounced and as much a part of the overall flavor as the strawberry. I love that the pepper addition isn’t a gimmick, it’s what sets PRiMO apart from the rest.


The suggestion was to pair the Strawberry Ancho with chevre, but I am on a fresh ricotta kick so I used that instead. Fresh ricotta goes with everything and is so mild in flavor that it really worked with the preserves. I may have even eaten half of the jar this way already (I’m weak, what can I say). I am always impressed when PRiMO comes out with new flavor combinations. I’ve enjoyed trying them all and I can’t wait to see what else they have in the works!

I love these guys, and now you have a chance to see why! I’m super excited that PRiMO is doing a giveaway with Boxy Ladies! Enter below to score a gift set of PRiMO’s best flavors, including my favorites!


One lucky reader will win a gift set of Berry Pasilla, Strawberry Ancho, Raspberry Habanero, and Spiced Cherry (with habanero) as part of the Gourmet Gathering Sampler! I’ve tried them all and they’re seriously delicious. This set comes in an awesome gift box that makes the perfect gift for the pepper head or foodie in your life!


Want to win this tasty 4-pack gift box of PRiMO favorites? Enter below!
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We’ll announce the winner next week, stay tuned readers!



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