My Love With Food box was perfectly timed this month. We had just gotten back from a short trip and didn’t have a chance to go grocery shopping before diving back into the work week. These snacks bridged the food gap perfectly!


A little about Love With Food before we look at what the May box contained. The premise is simple – get a month of snacks for a modest price tag and do some good while you’re at it. There are a few different snack boxes you can choose from, ranging from $8-$19 (or less if you buy multiple months in advance). As a bonus, they donate a box of snacks to a hungry child for each box they sell.


This month’s box was mostly repeat snacks from boxes in the past (which is fine by me, honestly), but with a couple fun surprises. They usually include a handful of coupons for the snack brands in the box, but this month was special. Each box came with a $50 gift card to Tieks, which is pretty cool. Tieks are not cheap, you can easily spend $150-250 for a single pair of flats, so that $50 off is awesome! Also included was a sample of Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, which was surprising to see in a snack box. Pretty cool!


Dark Chocolate Dusted Popcorn by Skinny Pop – My mom likes to tell the story about how I dreamed of chocolate covered popcorn when I was a kid. Apparently I was just ahead of my time like a true visionary, because here we are 30 years later and chocolate covered popcorn is happening. The way I’d imagined it was likely way less healthy, but who can complain when a bag of this is only 70 calories?

Northwest Trail Mix by Emily’s Chocolates – I’ve gone on long, angry rants about how I don’t do well with misleading snacks. When a chocolate company sends me trail mix, there had better be chocolate in it. There was chocolate in my popcorn, how can there by no chocolate in this?? Pure rage aside, this was a great snack after a particularly rough workout. I suppose they’re forgiven.


Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle by Sheila G’s – Unlike the trail mix, this chocolate product delivered on containing chocolate. It was practically entirely chocolate, actually. I have seen this brownie brittle popping up everywhere, which is awesome. They’re basically brownie cookie/crackers, which is totally up my alley.

Chickpea Snacks by Biena – These are such a satisfying snack! I always think of chickpeas as super boring, but these were a crunchy, tasty snack. Plus they were pretty filling.


Organic Jelly Beans by Surf Sweets – A few years ago, my parents sent me and Brian a giant tub of jelly beans that lasted us a solid year. Every now and then we are tempted to get another tub of jelly beans because they were so awesome to have on hand, but we never end up getting them (Dad, if you’re reading this, the jelly beans were a hit). This tiny pack was nowhere near the size of that tub, but they scratched an itch.

Women’s Complete Gummy Vitamins by Smarty Pants – Brian always immediately claims all of the LWF gummies for himself, but because they say “women’s” on it that means they are alllllll mine. YESSSSSSSSS.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Bar by Kutoa – This is one of those perfect grab-and-go snacks that isn’t quite a meal but is perfect for when you’re running out the door because you’re inevitably late for something (that’s my life). It was tasty in a “are you SURE this is healthy for me?” way. The packaging says it has chia and flax seed, so I’m not going to question it.

Pink Guava & Coconut Fruit Ice by Smooze – I am just not a fruit ice person. We’ve gotten these in a LWF box before, and I just don’t like them. It has nothing to do with the flavor, it tastes great. It’s the frozen popsicle thing that I just hate. Between having sensitive teeth and really hating biting into frozen things, it’s just not my bag.

Glee Glum Pop by Glee Gum – This is basically a Blow Pop but without all the garbage in a Blow Pop. They smell, taste, and even look exactly like a Blow Pop. It’s pretty awesome.

Final Rating: A

You may have noticed how I never rate a LWF box below an A, and that is for a very good reason. Even if there are a couple of snacks that I don’t particularly care for, it’s still a box full of snacks for just a few bucks. I love this box!

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I purchased this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral links.


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