I am continually impressed by the Target Beauty Boxes. They are one of the best bangs for your buck that exist as far as beauty boxes go, and they really show just how it’s possible defy physics with how much they cram into each box.


This month they had both a women’s box ($10) and a men’s box ($5). I picked up a men’s box for my dad and he loved it! The women’s box was for me though, and I loved mine even more. These puppies usually sell out within a day (and sometimes mere hours) after they announce them, so you’ve got to be quick to score one of them each month! Don’t worry, if you subscribe to your emails we’ll let you know when they’re available! Lauren and I both picked these up, so we’ll review together. It’s more fun that way.


Yes to Cucumbers 10-Count Facial Wipes

Jill: Thanks to my subscription boxes, I have a lifetime supply of face wipes. It’s the one thing that I will never get sick of receiving, because I love them. The Yes To brand is pretty great, they don’t upset my sensitive skin and they are perfect to take while traveling or to throw in my gym bag.

Lauren: I really love these. As Jill said, as subscription box junkies, we will always have facial wipes at our disposal and I am glad. I use these a lot at the gym as sort of a stop-gap until I can wash my face for real in a shower. I don’t like to take chances with my skin and having a thin layer of sweat all over my face is not a recipe for success. I will say that I have found these to be a little irritating around my eyes so I don’t use this particular brand as an eye makeup remover. However, they are great for the rest of my face.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Volume Filler Cream

Jill: I have heard some pretty rave reviews about this filler cream. It’s got a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, and is meant to firm, smooth, and plum skin. This is a pretty large sample, it’ll definitely last a while.

Lauren: I’m really interested in trying this. It was a huge sample, which led me to text Jill and let her know it was a full size sample when it said as plain as day on the top of the box “Limited Edition Trial Size.” So I was wrong. But that’s because it really is a huge sample. I have spent a lot of time staring at the Loreal skincare products but never bit the bullet. I’m excited to try this. It feels creamy but lightweight – you could totally wear this under makeup. Bad news is no SPF but I have SPF in my makeup anyway.


SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Creme Rinse

Jill: I’m always intrigued by the term “creme rinse”. It seems way more sophisticated than “conditioner” though it might as well be the same thing. I am a big fan of SheaMoisture, their products leave my hair soft, full, and bouncy. This one is no exception, I will likely buy the full sized version.

Lauren: My mom has referred to conditioner as “cream rinse” my whole life. While I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, I am thrilled to have a small size of conditioner to throw into my gym bag. (Having a subscription box blog really helps on the gym bag front. I am never lacking in tiny things to try.)

Pantene Expert Intense Hydration Shampoo

Jill: I always cringe when someone says your shampoo doesn’t matter. It absolutely matters. Shampoo can be so drying, leaving your hair brittle, frizzy, and forces your scalp to be more oily than it should be. Moisturizing shampoos give so much body and softness, plus it protects your strands from breakage. This is my kind of shampoo, plus it’s like half the size of a full bottle. I dig it.

Lauren: I have shied away from Pantene products because stylists tend to say Pantene stuff is crappy. And while I have finally started using a nice shampoo, as mentioned above, I really like having small sizes of things to throw into my gym bag. I’ll use this. I love that this is a hydrating version, as I need moisture for my color-treated hair. #BlondesHaveMoreFun #BrunettesProbablyHaveFunToo


Laneige Water Bank Serum

Jill: Today I made the most amazing discovery. The Laneige brand is the same company as AmorePacific. I’ve gotten samples of the $150 serum by AmorePacific, and I have to say, for the price difference it’s not THAT much better. AmorePacific has amazing products, especially for anti-aging, but the Laneige line is really not too shabby.

Lauren: I have loved trying Laneige products in the Target boxes and I’m excited they sent a Laneige serum this time. It’s very moisturizing but would be really good under makeup, too. I have yet to buy a full-sized Laneige product at Target yet, but they are slowly but surely wearing me down.

CoTZ Face SPF 40

Jill: I am always down for some SPF. I probably mention this at least once in every blog, but my sensitive skin is not ok with a lot of products. Sunscreen in particular stings quite a bit so I’m pretty careful about what I put on my face. This one hasn’t bugged my skin at all and as a bonus, is not greasy!

Lauren: I swear I’ve gotten 100 of these (slight exaggeration) in many different subscription boxes so this is a meh products for me. It’s a tinted sunblock which is nice, but I don’t spend a lot of time outside so I definitely don’t need 100 of these. But I may use it. Someday.


Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Duo

Jill: I have come around to the Pixi brand. I wasn’t super into it when it first started creeping into my monthly boxes, but I’ve come to like it. It’s no Naked Palette, but it’s also way less money. This color duo is complementary and I would assume should be used together, and it looks great with brown eyes (though they’re pretty neutral, they probably look good on any color, I’m just biased).

Lauren: I have enjoyed the Pixi products that I’ve received in my subscription boxes, especially their famous Glow Tonic. I am going to stick this little eyeshadow duo in my desk at work because that champagne side will make a nice little highlighter on days that I forget. I also like dabbing a little light color like that in the inner corners of my eyes to make them a little brighter and I tend to forget this step at home.

e.l.f. Lip Kiss Balm

Jill: I love it when they send a full size product! I love this – moisturizing with super sheer color. Perfect for summer!

Lauren: I made sure to check there was no castor oil in this so I am looking forward to using this! It has sort of a minty taste on the lips which is nice and a totally neutral color for every day. I’m glad Target introduced me to this product because I love it. And even better, e.l.f. products are super cheap to re-buy!


S.W. Basics Exfoliant: This box just keeps going! This exfoliant is no joke. It’s basically all the scrubby bits that you’d find in an exfoliation cleanser (though all natural in this case) that you can rub on your face without soap. It’s very gentle but extremely exfoliating. I’m careful with which exfoliating products I’ll use, but I really liked this one.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Butter: This cream is extremely moisturizing without being greasy. I wish the sample was bigger, but I’m glad I got to try it!

L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion

Jill: I love these little cushion samples, they are so convenient. I don’t like to wear foundation too often, I’m more into BB creams, so the buildable coverage that this gives is nice – less is more as far as I’m concerned!

Lauren: I am really glad to have received this sample. I have read on dozens of beauty blogs that Loreal’s sponge foundation is a dupe or just as good as the higher-end brands. I never wanted to buy it until I tried it and here we are!

Final Rating: A+

There’s nothing in this box I don’t love. For $10 there was SO MUCH crammed inside. The Target Beauty Box always has such high value for the small price tag. Plus you can use Ebates and get some cash back on your Target purchase (click here to sign for that, unless you hate free money for some reason)!


Jill & Lauren

I purchased this box, all opinions are my own.
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