I always get excited to see what outfits Fabletics will release each month because I’m a spin fanatic, and half the fun of working out is looking cute while I do it.

Fabletics isn’t a typical monthly “box.” If you are a Fabletics VIP member like me, on the first of each month, you get to choose from a bunch of cute workout clothes that range from about $50-$70ish, depending on the outfit you choose. But you can also click this link and get your first outfit for only $25! (That is an awesome deal. I mean, can you get ANYTHING at Lululemon for $25? Seriously.)

However, if you aren’t feeling any of the outfits, you can always skip that month super easily. And let’s say you order an outfit and don’t love it- return shipping is free, and you can easily choose a different size, store credit, or just get your money back. However, I’ve been so pleased with my outfits that I have only returned something one time.

So let’s get on with it… which outfit did I choose this month? And spoiler alert- these pictures are Real Life. They were taken after I had taken a spin class, so as you will see, I don’t look very “made up.”

Included in this outfit:

  • Peyton Tank (size Small) in Black – $22.83
  • Salar Crop (size Medium) in Heat Wave – $37.12
  • Total cost: $59.95 (Note: no sports bra was included with this outfit)

I have to admit that the leggings really sold this outfit for me. Normally, I like to choose an outfit that comes with a sports bra also, but I didn’t see any I cared for. This is a really cool tank top, too. Because while it may look like a typical tank top from the front, though the double strap detail is cool, the back is where things really get interesting. (See below.)

I love the look of the double straps and the vertical sheer panel down the back. I wish I had a different sports bra for this outfit, but I had one from Target that looked OK. (Click here for a similar but cuter one that would work really well, that I may end up buying for $15.)

(The cats modeled for free this month.)

Final Grade: A!

I’m really happy with both the top and leggings from Fabletics. Obviously, I chose them, but I’m not always happy with the quality of the tops from Fabletics but this shirt is both cute and functional.

If you are interested in signing up to become a Fabletics VIP with your $25 first outfit, click here for my referral link!

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2 Comments on Fabletics: June 2016

  1. Addie
    June 15, 2016 at 7:49 am (2 years ago)

    Done! Signed up for VIP and got the same outfit. Super cute. I was excited to see they carried stuff for the extra lovely ladies like moi!

    • laurenelectro
      June 29, 2016 at 4:50 pm (2 years ago)

      Somehow I missed this comment! I’m excited that you are a Fabletics gal like me. We can anticipate the first of each month together!!! xoxo