This is my second month of BeautyFix and I continue to be blown away. As a reminder, here are some of the perks of BeautyFix:

  • $100+ value in each box
  • Curated by skin experts
  • Professional-grade and hard-to-find spa exclusives
  • Mostly full and deluxe travel sizes.
  • Free Shipping

The monthly subscription cost is $25 but you can buy one-off boxes at $35. They don’t currently have a referral program, but if you wanted to comment with your email, I can send you a $10-Off coupon, which you can use towards a BeautyFix box! And trust me, you are going to get your money’s worth!

Here is the outside of the box! 

And here is what it looks like on the inside. While the product card isn’t nearly as good as Allure’s, it still gives a little information about each product.

And here is everything that we got! Once you see everything in detail, you will be totally amazed at how far $25 went.

Avène Micellar Lotion ($20): I’ve said it before on the blog that I am just not super into micellar water. That was until I started using it to take off makeup swatches as I photograph for the blog. So if I use it for that, this will literally last me forever. That said, I have liked a few products I have received from Avène, so I trust the brand.

Glytone Acne Treatment Spray – Back and Chest ($20): This product could not have come to me at a better time. As I’ve talked about before (mostly on my Fabletics posts!) I am working out a lot. While I feel stronger and better in general, I have found that I am getting some body acne for the first time in my life! Not a lot on my back but a little on my chest and shoulders. When I leave the gym, I pretty much have to go directly to a shower because I am just soaked with sweat. When I started noticing the acne issue, I started to use facial wipes on my face, chest and shoulders in my car, on my way to the shower. Like maybe the amount of time from spin to the shower causes issues? I think this is helping. That was a long story. THAT SAID, I think this product is really cool because it’s in a spray! That is really helpful if you are trying to treat something on your back! I sprayed some on my chest and HOLY HELL did it smell SO strongly of alcohol/chemicals. This eventually dissipated but I think I am so used to anything I spray on my chest smelling really good (perfume) and this… was not perfume. So I’m still not entirely sure how this will work but I am going to use it and hope for the best!

You can also see by the picture that it looked like the product leaked a little bit but there is still plenty in the bottle so I’m not worried about it and it also didn’t affect anything else.

Danielle Creations Therapeutic Gel Beads Eye Mask ($9.99): This is one of those things that I will see places like Bed, Bath & Beyond and want to make an impulse buy but I don’t. So this is one of those things that I wouldn’t buy for myself but I am glad to have it! The mask has those little gel beads that get hot or cold, and it has a soft backing where it would touch your skin, so it won’t get too hot or cold. I might need to have a mini home spa day!

Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots ($20/set of 48): I have seen these before but I have never tried them! They are essentially little stickers that have acne medicine on them so the medicine doesn’t rub off. I’m going to save these for any issues that arise on my face. (Thankfully I don’t have any right now!)

NEOVA CU3 Intensive Lip Repair ($16): This stuff is SOOOOO moisturizing. Have you ever had those crappy chapsticks that make you feel like you have to re-apply them over and over because your lips feel dry really fast? The NEOVA CU3 is NOT that kind of product. I put it on when I got the box and my lips just felt great the rest of the night into the next day without having to re-apply. I have never heard of NEOVA but I’m really interested in looking to see what other products they have.

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum ($60): I was trying to research a little bit about the brand because I hadn’t heard of it before. According to their website,

The manufacturer of Dr. Hauschka Skin Care began exclusively as a developer of natural medicines in 1935. In the early days of its history, the company was considered avant-garde and—pioneering. For years, Dr. Hauschka considered launching a natural skin care range to complement his medicines, however, his ideas only became a reality in the early 1960s when he met Elisabeth Sigmund, an esthetician who had been using WALA remedies in her own skin care products. At Dr. Hauschka’s invitation, Elisabeth Sigmund travelled to Eckwälden from her home in Stockholm to work with Dr. Hauschka’s experts to develop facial care products that support skin health as a means of achieving beautiful skin. They jointly created solutions for stable cream bases without chemical and/or synthetic emulsifiers and scented with natural essential oils. The first products were launched in 1967; four years later, Elisabeth Sigmund trained the first Dr. Hauschka Esthetician in what became known as the Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment, the foundation of all the Signature Treatments that have followed.

I have only used the serum once but I’m already not sure if I like it more than my usual Ole Henriksen serum, but it is OK. It says it’s formulated with apple fruit hydrosol and apple blossom extract which is supposed to support the skin’s natural rhythms while guiding it through its essential night-time work. I think I expected it to be really sweet smelling but it smelled very medicinal. However, if this turns into a holy grail product or I end up with other Dr. Hauschka’s products, I will let you know!

DS Laboratories OLIGO.DX ($39): I will be honest, I haven’t had the chance to try this. However, I’m also always kind of doubtful when a gel/cream makes claims to reduce cellulite. I don’t have really high hopes for this but I am glad that it’s a full-sized product, so I really will be able to use it awhile to see if it works!

Final Grade: A+

This is my second month of BeautyFix and I continue to be really impressed. I really like that this box focuses on skincare/spa products versus a lot of makeup. I love makeup but I have so much, so this box gives me such a great opportunity to try great products that I might not know to try otherwise.

The value of this box was great. I paid $25 but the box was actually worth $170. I mean, come on. That is awesome.

If you want to sign up for a BeautyFix box, leave you email in the comments below, or email me at, and they will give you $10 to spend at which you can apply to the cost of your first box. Kind of a no brainer when you see how much you receive! Let me know!

Purchased; All opinions are my own
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3 Comments on BeautyFix: July 2016

  1. Louise Girard
    July 15, 2016 at 7:57 am (1 year ago)

    Looks like a fantastic box. Love what you receive!

  2. Eliza
    July 26, 2016 at 9:14 am (1 year ago)

    Great box thanks for sharing — I would love to have the coupon if you still have it. Thanks and more power to the blog!

    • laurenelectro
      July 26, 2016 at 9:17 am (1 year ago)

      Hi Eliza! I think I just sent you an invitation, based on the email you had in your comment. Let me know if you need me to send it somewhere else!