It seems like Love With Food shows up right when I need it to. We just got back from a week in Asheville, NC after a 9 hour drive and hadn’t gone grocery shopping in a while, which meant no snacks in the house. Thanks, LWF!


LWF is a monthly box that delivers healthy snacks to your door for as low as $7.99/month. They usually cram a ton of snacks in the box, but this month was ridiculous. They managed to fit more snacks than should be physically possible.


LOOK AT THAT! It’s beautiful. The diversity in this box was pretty great too, it was a good mix of sweet and savory snacks plus some candy thrown in for good measure.


Chef’s Cut Original Real Steak Jerky – I’m starting with this one because I nearly hyperventilated when I saw it in the box. A bag of meat is probably the greatest thing they could have sent me, and it caught me so off guard that I nearly shed a tear.

Barney Butter Snack Pack – I love that this is called a “snack pack” as if you’re just going to squeeze all of the almond butter into your mouth directly from the foil pack like  I did  a savage.


Pure Growth Organic Popcorn – Brian and I have been snacking on popcorn lately like it’s a part of our daily routine, but this bag is simply not big enough to share. Sorry, Brian.

Pretzel Perfection Twice-Baked Tomato Basil Pretzel Sticks – Baking potatoes twice is a thing I’ve heard of, but twice-baking pretzel sticks is a new notion for me. Also somewhat foreign is the concept of gluten-free, which is what these crispy twigs are. Are all pretzels cooked twice? Did they double their efforts to lose some of that notorious gluten-freeness of the product? I don’t have answers to these deep questions, but what I do know is that they taste like pretzels, and that’s all that matters.


Pur Mints in Mojito Lime Mint – If there is one thing that is universally known about me it’s that I’m always hungry. That’s probably why snacks are so important to me and critical to my survival. Having a bag of mints in my purse for when I am out in the world and devastatingly snackless is a great way to tide me over until my next feeding. These are aspartame-free, which is great because fake sugar is an abomination of nature.

Luna Protein Berry Greek Yogurt Bar – If you’ve read my past LWF blogs, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of Luna bars, but that I’ll eat just about anything if I’m hungry. The best way for me to eat this is to keep it in my gym bag for when I’m sprawled out on the floor, having collapsed from not eating the entire hour while I worked out.


YumEarth Naturals Sour Beans – If I ever turn down all-natural jelly beans please alert the police because I’m sending you a very clear message that isn’t to be ignored. I’m going to have to hide these from Brian or else we may battle to the death over them, and I’d miss him after he’s gone.

TruJoy Sweets Organic Bunny Shaped Lollipop – I wish I had a clearer picture of this lollipop to show you so you could see how hilariously not bunny-shaped it is. It’s more like a round triangle. I haven’t been up close to a bunny in quite a while, but from what I remember they’re quite animal-shaped. Either way, I don’t need my lollipops shaped like anything to enjoy them, which I did.

Mini JiMMYBAR – The package immediately sends a terrifying warning: Gluten-Free, No Sugar Added, Vegan. Each one of those words sends shivers down my spine, but the combination of all three triggered a fight or flight reaction in me. After punching it across the room, I crept toward the snack bar and tried to negotiate a truce. Then my husband walked into the room and asked why I was in the fetal position on the floor. When I explained, he joined me. How had we allowed such a thing to come into our home? The place we live, our safe space? I felt the best way to get rid of the traitor snack was to make it disappear. With my mouth.


BONUS ITEM! $100 gift card to – SWEEEEEEEEET.

Final Rating: A

It took me a while, but I have chosen to forgive Love With Food for sending me the trifecta of evil snack bar. The free $100 gift card helped, as did the bag of meat (YESSSSSSSSS).


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Bon Appetit!


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