Birchbox recently had some backlash for changing their reward point system, but it didn’t really bother me all that much. They really took a PR hit with a lot of people canceling their subscriptions, but I am glad I kept mine – I love this month’s box! (And I love Birchbox in general, I wasn’t even tempted to quit them)


Birchbox is $10/month for 5-6 samples of solid hair, beauty, and skin care products. Until recently they offered points for reviewing your box (which is what all the controversy was over), but now they only give reward points for referrals (so use my referral link if you’re interested!) and purchasing items in their online shop. As a trade-off, they are offering more discounts/coupon codes, better customization of individual boxes, and better samples (this box even had 2 full-sized items in it!).

They have been sending me amazing boxes for the past year, but apparently they have a new system in place to make sure your individual boxes are even better – when Lauren was subscribing we rarely got the same box. They are now asking subscribers to give feedback on their boxes to make sure your preferences are on point and you never get a so-so box.


Thermal Spring Water by Avène I thought this sample looked stupid until I actually used it. I used it before heading to bed and it made my skin feel refreshed and softened at the same time. I’ve been hard on my skin the past few weeks, trying out new skincare products and getting more sun than normal, so my skin has felt a bit sensitive. This spray calmed my skin and it felt…. better. Softer. Less angry at me for being so mean to it lately. I am always skeptical of new “water” products, but it seems like I’m liking them more and more lately. The water is sourced from medicinal springs in Avène, France, so I suppose it’s legit. The description in the box insert says it can also be used for setting makeup. The best part is that this is a full-sized bottle (which is $9!), so it will last for a while!

Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder by Lulu Organics This loose powder dry shampoo/volumizer is exactly the type of product I love getting in a Birchbox. I use dry shampoo somewhat frequently, and I’m always looking for a bigger and better one. I like loose powder more than aerosol, obviously for the sake of my lungs, and this one smells pretty nice. It’s a solid amount of product, so I will get quite a few uses out of this sample.


Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 by MDSolarSciences This is so perfect for me right now. I recently ran out of my normal go-to moisturizer (Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid and Cream) so I’ve been trying to use up all the samples I’ve been sent in boxes that I’ve never finished before I buy a replacement. I am also heading to the beach later this week for a girls trip and I need face-safe SPF to bring! Win win win.

Shampoo & Conditioner for Brilliance & Shine by Oribe I love anything by Oribe, but I would never spend that kind of money ($49 each!) on shampoo/conditioner just to try it out. Thankfully, that’s what Birchbox is for! I loooooved this combo. Sadly, it’s a foil pack so it was only good for one use.


Tinted Lip Balm in Sweet Violet by Burt’s Bees I love when they send a full-size item! This retails for $7, which is nearly the price of the box. My lips are pretty sensitive, so I am choosy about what kind of lip balm I use on them. Burt’s Bees tops my list because it is moisturizing and long-lasting, plus this subtle pink tone is the perfect color for me.

Xtension Plus Curl Mascara by Marcelle This was the sample choice I went with this month, all of the sample options were different mascaras. I don’t personally use mascara because I have lash extensions and have no plan to ever not have lash extensions, so this will be happily gifted to my sister who wears mascara every day. She loves when I get mascara in boxes, I’m pretty sure she hasn’t had to buy mascara in like 2 years.

Final Rating: A+

I love everything in this box (and my sister will love the mascara)! While I certainly understand how getting extra points for reviewing items was a great bonus and it’s a bummer they took it away, I still love Birchbox and am loving how perfectly the boxes I’ve been receiving fit my preferences. Plus, the majority of the items I received this month have tons of product in them, two of them were even full-sized products! Not bad for $10.

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I purchased this box, all opinions are my own. Post contains referral link.



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