Happy Monday! You are probably going to get tired of me as Jill is still dealing with her store, but I’ll do my best! I’m excited to share with you my August Julep box! As a reminder, the Julep Maven program allows you to customize a box of 2-3 nail polishes and other beauty products for just $24.99/month. However, Julep just rewarded some of their long-time Mavens with special discounted box pricing, so I think my base box is now $20/month, which was the price it was when I first joined, prior to the customizable boxes! They also allow you to add the appropriately named “Add-On” products to your box for extremely discounted prices. You also earn points or “Jules” for taking your monthly boxes and you can apply these Jules to purchases. This month, I got two Add-Ons but also used some Jules that I applied to this box so my total this month came to $19.69. (Note: The prices next to the products are Maven prices. If you are not a Maven, you can still purchase these products, but at a slightly more expensive cost.) 

This was my full box this month! They also included a little card letting us know that Julep products are moving into Ultas, and a coupon for buying Julep products there! I think it’s neat, but I would never buy Julep products at Ulta since I get them for the Maven prices. Maybe someday. 🙂

Stephanie ($11.20/Maven Price): Juicy cherry holographic and Dominique ($11.20/Maven Price)Hummingbird teal holographic – When I saw that there were so many holos in the August collection, I knew I was going to pick up a few of them. The red of Stephanie just shimmers so beautifully and I find it incredibly hard to resist a teal of any kind.

See swatches of Stephanie and Dominique!

Leo ($11.20/Maven Price)Golden honey duo metallic—for the confident and majestic Leo personality. This year, instead of birth stone polishes, Julep is doing a special line of polishes for the Astrological signs. I obviously had to get Leo since I am a Leo and I am glad I did. I didn’t love the initial pics I had seen of it in the bottle but holy heck is it gorgeous in person. See for yourself:

Leo is just so incredibly gorgeous! I can take or leave astrology but this polish makes me proud to be a Leo. 🙂

Julep Lip Gloss in Admired ($16/Maven Price): Described as “violet fuchsia,” I decided to try this because it looked sheer and didn’t have any shimmer in it and I really like it! It’s definitely pink but sheer and pretty. Great for every day!

Here’s a swatch of Admired!

Brighter Is Better – Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment ($14.40): I have been taking some time off between colors recently and I thought I would try out this treatment. It’s been around awhile but I don’t believe I had ever tried this version before. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I am excited about it!

Final Grade: A! 

I loved this month’s box! I mean, I did pick all the products, so that’s good. I especially love Leo but also think Dominique and Stephanie will be gorgeous to wear as well!

If you are interested in joining the Julep Maven program (with a few extra free gifts, I might add), click here.

You can also click the picture below and use coupon code GRILLANDCHILL to get a set of polish free with a $30 purchase!


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