I always get excited to see what outfits Fabletics will release each month because I’m a spin fanatic, and half the fun of working out is looking cute while I do it.

Fabletics isn’t a typical monthly “box.” If you are a Fabletics VIP member like me, on the first of each month, you get to choose from a bunch of cute workout clothes that range from about $50-$70ish, depending on the outfit you choose. But you can also click this link and get your first outfit for only $25! (That is an awesome deal. I mean, can you get ANYTHING at Lululemon for $25? Seriously.)

However, if you aren’t feeling any of the outfits, you can always skip that month super easily. And let’s say you order an outfit and don’t love it- return shipping is free, and you can easily choose a different size, store credit, or just get your money back. However, I’ve been so pleased with my outfits that I have only returned something one time.

I was actually planning on skipping in August but once I saw these leggings, I had to have them… (Seriously, you’re going to love them!)

Peyton Tank in Berry/Black ($19.98): I have this tank in black already and I really like it. (I typically don’t love Fabletics’ shirts but these shirts are pretty good!

Salar Capri in Cosmic Lights Print ($32.48): Seriously, aren’t these pants so cool? I love this print.

Snapdragon Reversible Bra in Cosmic Lights Print/Berry/Black ($17.49): While you can’t see it in my pics specifically, it looks like this:


It’s reversible and the other side is the color of the shirt!

And because Marshie loves to help me model, here he is!

Final Grade: A! 

I loved this month’s outfit! I actually love all three pieces, so it’s a total win. I also threw in this bra because it was on sale for $9.95 when it’s normally $25 and I love it way more than I thought I would. (These Add-Ons are kind of like Julep’s! You get special pricing on a few items once you are checking out.)

If you are interested in signing up to become a Fabletics VIP like me with your $25 first outfit, click here for my referral link!

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