I was very excited when Vitafive reached out to me because I LOVE gummy vitamins. I had been taking another kind and I always called them my “Vitamin Treat.” Matt was always worried because I think he thinks I take more of them than I should. (OK, I did that one time but I was really hungry.)

Vitafive takes the concept of gummy vitamins and makes it really convenient by sending you the specific vitamins that you want in 28 convenient, delicious daily packs each month. They really ARE a vitamin treat. And as a special treat to our readers, you can all receive 30% off your first month using the code BOXY30!!!

(Note: I ripped the box – it didn’t come that way from Vitafive. I was basically ripping it open as fast as possible to get to my new Vitamin Treat.)

For the purposes of this review, Vitafive sent me The Beauty Pack. However, you can choose from many different customized packs like: The Immune Pack, The Sleep Pack, The Heart Pack, The Essential Pack, The Active Pack, The Brain Pack and more! You can even customize your very own pack! (And there are children’s packs as well!) Each pack ranges in price from about $24/month – $34/month depending on what you choose. (It may even be lower if you customize your own pack.)

You’ll receive a box that has a week’s worth of Vitafive Vitamin Packs in it and each pack will be personalized with your name on it! It will also list the vitamins that are in your particular pack.

And the vitamins are sooooo tasty! I really did feel like I was eating a little fruit snack. Of course, I like some flavors better than others but that’s just personal preference. I thought they were pretty delicious and I felt good about myself because I was actually taking my vitamins. Of course, Matt asked if I was supposed to eat all of them because he is a killjoy. But the answer is yes, all of the vitamins that come in your daily pack are meant to be taken together for the day.

Don’t these vitamins from Vitafive look delicious? As an added bonus, they are gluten-free and vegetarian and there are no artificial colors or sweeteners. They are also 3rd-party tested and dietitian-approved! 

I think this subscription is such a neat idea. I don’t know about you but I am just so bad at remembering to take my vitamins regularly – even when they are in treat form. I think this subscription would definitely help remind you to take those vitamins!

As a reminder, Vitafive is giving our readers 30% off your first month with the code BOXY30! 

If you are interested in signing up to try Vitafive’s personalized vitamin subscription service, click this link! And don’t forget to use code BOXY30!

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