Welcome to the August Allure Beauty Box! I always say the Allure Beauty Box is the best beauty subscription box for your buck, and here we are. The Allure Beauty Box is $15/month, which is $5 more than Birchbox, Ipsy and Play! by Sephora, but the Allure Beauty Box is consistently great.

I love seeing Cara Delavigne on the cover of the Mini Mag! I love her.

In addition to the awesome products, Allure always includes their minimag, which breaks down all the products in the way that only Allure editors can do. I love Allure magazine, so this is a great bonus for me.

Check out everything we got! I was a little disappointed when I saw the Garnier shampoo and conditioner because I prefer seeing more high-end products. However, I actually REALLY LOVED THEM. More on that later…

Pūr~lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer ($55/full-size): I actually received this in another box but I can’t find which one. I really did like this moisturizer and will probably end up using up both samples! Debatable whether I will buy the full-size version… I get sooo many moisturizers so it’s hard to rationalize buying a full-size!

Wet Brush Midi Brush ($8.99): I received the tiny version of this brush in a POPSUGAR Must Have box last year and I loved it! I kept it in my purse but I tend to carry too many things in my purse and I crushed it. Womp, womp. This size is in between the small and regular size, so it was obviously aptly named as the Midi. I am totally going to use this to brush in different products into my hair so the products are evenly distributed. I’m glad I got this!

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 ($28): I actually got the full-size version of this last year in another POPSUGAR Must Have box. I wasn’t a fan of it then – if you aren’t careful, it can really turn your hair into a giant mess. (I think I remember that Jill learned this the hard way.) I don’t really have a need for a product like this. I don’t hang out outside much and when I do, I wear real sunscreen. My makeup always has SPF in it, so I don’t need an additional spray.

Freeze 24-7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum ($115): I was shocked when I saw how expensive the full-size version is. I’ve been using it for a few days and I really like how smooth it makes the skin around my eyes! Will I drop $115 on a full size version? Probably not. But I’m going to use all of this sample for sure!

Cargo Swimmables Eye Pencil in Pebble Beach ($18): I need black eyeliners like I need a hole in the head but I do think it’s timely to include a waterproof eyeliner in the August box because regardless of what fashion is trying to tell us, it’s still blisteringly hot, and will stay that way for months. Black is a little to heavy for me to wear every day but it’s definitely good to have to up the ante on a nighttime look

Mally Mattewand Eye Brightener ($25): I was really confused about this product when I first saw it. I wasn’t sure what it was. Essentially, it’s supposed to help make your eyes look a little more awake. I’ve always used shimmery, light shadows and colors in my inner eye, not matte, but I’d be willing to try this as a highlighter and see how it works.

Here is a swatch of both ends. The liner part is intended to go on the inner rim (and wherever else you want) and the matte shadow should go wherever else you want to bring a little light: Cupid bow, arch of brow, inner eye, etc.

Garnier Whole Blends Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner ($3.99 each): These weren’t mentioned in the Mini Mag, but I think they might be my favorite things in the box. When I first opened my box, I was like, “Damn, Allure is getting cheap, sending me Garnier stuff.” But then I tried it in the shower and holy hell- I don’t think I have EVER had a shampoo and conditioner smell better. I truly love these and I might even buy the full size. And at $3.99 a pop, they are an absolute steal.

Final Grade: A

The value of this Allure Beauty Box was over $135 which is insane for a $15 box. I’m shocked to say that the Garnier shampoo and conditioner were my favorites from this box and I would never have tried these without their inclusion in the box. I’m also really excited to continue to try Freeze 24-7.

If you are interested in trying the Allure Beauty Box for yourself, click here!

Purchased; All opinions are my own
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