Welcome to our review of the August 2016 Play! by Sephora box! I THINK that the waitlist has finally opened up, so I believe you can sign up to receive Play! by Sephora now! Wooo! Let us know if you’re off the wait list!

Some of the benefits of joining PLAY! by Sephora:

  • The awesome products, of course.
  • The $10 you spend earns you Beauty Insider points if you are already part of their rewards program. (I’m VIB Rouge because I clearly have A Problem buying makeup.)
  • Each month you will also receive a card that you can bring into Sephora that will earn you 50 additional bonus points on your purchase!
  • The PLAY! BOOK outlines how to use the products, similar to the Allure Beauty Box Mini Mag

Ever since the waitlist opened up, they started including little canvas makeup bags. They are really cute but I don’t totally know what I will do with them? If they were bigger, they would be great for travel but not for makeup/hair care because if something leaked, it would get all over everything. I’m puzzled. Any ideas?

This is the fold-out sheet that give descriptions and tips and tricks about the various products.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ($22): I know that some girls (even my bestie Melissa!) LOVE this mascara. And I have tried it in the past and it didn’t really do it for me but it had been awhile so I was glad for the chance to try it again. However, this stuff just does not do it for me! It made my lashes SO clumpy but not with any volume or length. I wish I was one of the people that loves this mascara, I just do not at all!

Caudalíe Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm ($62): This has a really nice, smooth texture and it works well under makeup. The Sephora fold-out had some tips about eye creams. Some I knew, and some I didn’t. One that I didn’t know was to apply eye cream to your browbone in addition to the under-eye area and outer eye corners. Sometimes I don’t always go up to my browbone, but I know I will from now on! I knew to apply a pea sized amount of cream with my ring finger (thanks, Mom!) because that’s your weakest finger, and you don’t want to pull on the delicate skin around your eye. I also knew to wait a little while (at least a minute, according to Sephora) after applying eye cream prior to other products, as it’s one of the first products I put on after getting out of the shower, so it has a chance to soak in a bit. I do that with my other facial moisturizers, also!

Lancôme Ènergie De Vie Smoothing & Glowing Liquid Care Moisturizer ($55): This Ènergie De Vie line in Lancôme is very interesting and one I’m interested in exploring, even with my face a hot mess, like it is right now. We all want that dewiness and that is what the line is all about. What’s really interesting to me is their cleansing oil, the Ènergie de Vie The Smoothing & Purifying Cleansing Oil  because it’s a cleansing oil that actually has salicylic acid in it, which is a common ingredient to help with acne and exfoliation.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I-544 ($21): At first I thought I might have gotten a full-size since you actually buy the pans of shadow (similar to pictured above) in addition to a $1 little compact to put them in. But even though my shadow wasn’t a full-sized version, I absolutely love the color! I swatched it below, so you could see. It’s definitely a color that works well with my green eyes!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Flirting Game ($10): I haven’t tried a lot of the SEPHORA COLLECTION products so I was glad to try this! They say this color is taupe but I think it’s more of a brown/copper shade that I really love! See the swatches below!

Here are the swatches! While the MUFE color description said it was a pinkish granite, I think it looked pretty copperish, maybe rose gold-ish to me! I love it!

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose ($25-$90): I have to say, as much as I typically love rose-scented perfumes but for some reason, this just smelled like a rose scent that was covering up cigarette smoke or something. I was not a fan. But scent is so personal, so I will post how Sephora describes the scent:

Blonde Rose is not an ordinary floral fragrance, it is for anyone who loves to be feminine with an edge. A sophisticated blend of rose, jasmine, and peony, it reminds of the classic, yet modern femininity that’s fresh and sexy.

Final Grade: B+

Of course, almost every Play! by Sephora box is great and this was no different. I loved the MUFE shadow and SEPHORA eyeliner and I was glad to try the new LANCÔME moisturizer. I wasn’t a fan of the UD mascara and the CLEAN scent, but was glad I had the opportunity to try them!

If you are interested in trying Play! by Sephora, click here to see if you can get it or at least get on the waitlist!

Purchased; All opinions are my own.
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  1. Holly H
    September 9, 2016 at 7:33 am (1 year ago)

    Ha! I described the perfume to a friend as “rose air freshener sprayed in a smoky casino”. Great minds (noses?), etc., etc.